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You don't agree with me because you are crazy!

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Anybody else have this issue?

I am in a fantastic relationship. Really. He is great, supports me in treatment, is as understanding as anyone can be, patient when I am an asshole (most of the time). He helps me when I am not well - we work together and he will do work for me so I can rest. He helps take care of my son when I get frustrated (he is 7 and doing that out-logic boundary testing thing, and he is damn smart too).

But a habit that I have found with many of my SO's over the years...often when I have a conflicting opinion or we have an argument, it's because I am bipolar. Or so they say.

If I am upset by something they do, it is either that

a) I am crazy and just don't see the reality of the situation, or my opinion is born out of my craziness

B) I am angry about what they are doing/saying because I am irrational, and anyone else would disagree


c)They only do what they do as a reaction to the problems created by my actions during bad moments.

Now let me be more specific - I am being treated. I have an awesome Dr., although without insurance, it is hard to afford. I am on 3 meds, which is also expensive (about $350 a month) but we budget for it dilligently. I am really near "normal me" most of the time...with intermittent bad days. I do not have a therapist or a good support system, which puts an extra strain on my guy to help me through my problems. I am understanding most of the time when he needs space for himself or care himself. I have also put a lot of effort into understanding my disease AND self-evaluting (which my doc says I am uncommonly good at).

So is it really the disease most of the time? And is that really my fault when it is,  considering I am being responsible for my care?


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