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I don't want to live anymore


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I can't find any f*****g clothes to fit me. Jeans or trousers that is. I've had an ED since age 17 and I'm 48 now. Up until last Nov I spent a couple of years at 8 stone/118lbs and loved it. I could wear anything! I've never been so happy. Then I had to move back to the UK to look after mum and I've gained 30lbs since. I hate myself. I have depression too and 11 of the things listed on this Crazyboard!!!! What's the point in being alive when there's so much wrong with you and you hate being concious!!

I'm soooo fed up. Taking sodding skinny dog for walk...

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is your size just one more thing depressing you?

we have a thread here about the size of the average american woman that i think is a good place for those of us with bad body image to start. i realized when i was writing my replies that i felt a bit better each time.

you don't say how tall you are. you could be a totally normal weight for your height and maybe just gained a few pounds over time, or maybe your meds are to blame.

take it easy on yourself. you take care of your mom, which is a huge thing. walking the dog is a huge thing. taking it easy on yourself will leave you the strength to fight bigger battles.

of course, eat right and exercise a normal amount and don't go nutso for twinkies and you'll be set.

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