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Options for SSD Students

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Now on SSD, i need to figure out how i'm going to pay for grad school. i'm already in default on my student loans so they won't send out my transcript- i need to find one that i have that is already printed and sealed and give them that, and it looks like i'll have to get private funding for it.

have any of you been in this situation? do you know of resources to help disabled students, especially ones who want to become nurses? (i think there should be a lot of resources for both, i just haven't been able to find them).

maybe do you know of scholarship sites or places where you've been successful at getting cash for school? even if you're not on disability, i need to find the money to pay the 30k a year for grad school (nursing school, as i said).


Edit- the problems with me just jumping into grad have been that i can't find my transcripts and that i don't have the money. i think that if i get my shit together i can bring both together. i know those transcripts are around here somewhere and the money must be there for disabled students and nursing candidates, or both together! lol

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Hi Loon:

My college loans were from a completely different company than the school I went to. 2 different entities. At this time im ignoring my loans (i only have 4k left from 18k). But if i wanted a transcript i could email the college registrar and she would send it to me or the grad school. (i too applied for grad school years ago...long story for later.)

as for grad school and/or nursing - that is a HUGE commitment. The 2 nursing schools I know of (friends & family went there) both schools were very strict about grades, timelines, and completion. Yes, they do have to make accomodations for emotional disability (as well as physical)...but it may not be much.

grad school or nursing is very stressful - it maybe more stressful than a 8-5 job. because at a job you can go home at the end of the day and veg in front of the tv. in school, when you come home, you have to study, research and write. school really is a full time job + more.

and I dont know how or if SSD makes any allowances for someone to go through higher education. you may wanna check that out and see what if anything is possible.

Good Luck and let me know what you find out and decide.



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DB- that is a good point on if i can handle it or not. i know for sure that i can't handle work- what about grad school where i'd have to bring all my classwork home with me? and the degree i want is a nursing doctorate, a newer type of degree, not a PhD or nurse practitioner degree. i'd have to finish a doctoral program that would take at least 5 years.

it has always been my dream to be a nurse. it feels like if i could just get my degree, maybe i'd be able to work in that field. probably optimistic daydreaming again. there are just so many problems, like the fact that i'm ignoring my current student loans and they're probably about to garnish my income (even ssd can be garnished) and i'd have to give them a transcript that i happen to have that is sealed from the time i graduated (decades ago it seems, but only in '00) never mind that my undergrad degree is in econ (didn't have the faith in myself to major in a hard science, but now i do have faith in myself- odd). i'd have to find the private resources to fund a very, very expensive program.

resources? maybe the resources aren't of the financial variety, but in the mental variety. could i even handle it is the question of the day. i did my undergrad degree with flying colors, but i wasn't as bad at the time. i was balanced on lithium and paxil. now they're playing with my meds seemingly daily and my mood and thinking ability seem to always change.

very good point. maybe it is time to hold off on grad school AND work.

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I am currently in grad school for FNP, it is a three yr program. After the first 2 years of working full-time nights as a RN, and full-time grad school, a little storm came through and nearly blew my school away. The school stayed standing, but I didn't, LOL! The whole semester was cancelled due to Katrina. I ended up manic as hell! Two weeks of involuntarily commitment to a psych hospital (one year ago next month). I wasn't able to return to school in January with the rest of my class, and also wasn't able to work.

Anyway, while I was recovering, I made the decision that there was no way I could go back to working and school, I really don't know how I managed to keep it together the first 2 yrs.

I searched every where I could think of to find some tye of grant money for nurses with mental illness. At one point I was seriously considering applying for SSDI, and also looked into getting grants by going that route. I could not find anything out there, anywhere! I was really surprised. Fortunately, my credit is in good standing and I am currently living on student loans.

it has always been my dream to be a nurse. it feels like if i could just get my degree, maybe i'd be able to work in that field
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I don't know how much help I'll be since I can't keep it together long enough to read everyone's posts but here goes.

I am a full time student on SSDI. I applied for vocational rehab training prior to getting on SSDI and was cataegorized as "most seriously disabled" and put on the waiting list. It took about two years to be eligible for voc rehab services.

Since you have a degree already, you would likely have to do job market study and provide proof that there is no relevant work available locally and will have to define how your disability renders you unable to work in that field anyway.

My DVR benefits aren't all that great (but come in very handy when dealing with Social Security). They will pay whatever remains of my quarterly tuition, fees & books AFTER my financial aid (grants & scholarships) have been exhausted for that quarter. At a 4 year school, DVR will pay up to the full tuition for a public (state) university...so if I go to a private school, they'll cover approximately $7000 of my $30,000 annual tuition. Under no circumstances will they help me with living expenses, transportation, meds, etc.

You'd mention being on SSD - you mean disability? It's not classified as taxable income for financial aid purposes. I am aware that the rules are a bit different for grad students. My advisor once told me that if I chose to go to grad school, I should try and find a university-research project to work for so I could at least have that stipend to live on.

I have managed to get a couple scholarships from my school based on my chosen career path. Up until recently, the only MI specific scholarship I'd seen was for vocational students only. Then I found this:

How Do I Apply for a Lilly Reintegration Scholarship?


In order to be eligible for consideration for the Lilly Reintegration Scholarship, applicants must:

Be diagnosed with schizophrenia, schizophreniform, schizoaffective disorder, or bipolar disorder

Be currently receiving medical treatment for the disease, including medications and psychiatric follow-up


I laughed when I saw it but at least I know some of that money I spend on meds is going to a good cause. I have to admit I vacillated on posting the scholarship info (more competition, dammit!) Lilly doesn't market this thing very well - greedy, greedy.

I have rambled long enough. Back to Physics World

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thank you- it seems like my biggest problem now is getting my college to release my transcripts. i know i have my transcripts in paper form around somewhere, it is just the where part...screw H***M College if i find those!

but because of the status of my federal student loans, until i get them out of rehabilitation, i don't think i can get any gov aid. i don't know if it includes this program.

oh, NOTCRAZY- it is a 5 year program that is for people with a BA in something other than nursing. it's at Case.

while my past work history has been in IT, it has only been in IT because i couldn't find a well-enough paying job as an economist to support myself (25k from the gov or from a small-town bank wasn't going to cut it for me). now, why didn't i actually go into economics?!

i'll go to school and become a nurse though, i just have to get everything squared away.

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As someone else said there is the Lilly reintegration scholarship (the application is available as of tomorrow on the website that was listed on the other post). I'm planning to apply for that.

You might also try www.fastweb.com for scholarships.

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