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Paxil + Xanax

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New combination. I was on Neurontin and Klonopin. Was still always anxious and getting up in the morning was pretty much impossible. Was also experiencing a bit of depression.

I figured that Paxil would help with the depression and even the anxiety, while the Xanex would help the Paxil keep me happy without sending me over the edge into agitated mania. (not to mention chilling me out since it's supposed to be stronger than Klonopin)

I know these meds both have the side effects of sleepiness, though everything works different for everyone, so maybe I won't be as tired as before. Who knows? Is there is a specific time to take them that would minimize the sleepiness?

Every time I've been on SSRI's I've had horrible vivid nightmares and stomach problems, so if this happens on Paxil I'm gonna go off it and switch back to the Neurontin. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions (times to take the Paxil, foods, vitamins) to minimize the chances of the nightmares and stomach problems.

Also, Xanex and alcohol. I know the combination is very dangerous. I was wondering about having one drink though. I am an occasional social drinker. Is alcohol completely off limits even in very small doses?

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I found that I had vivid dreams on Paxil, more so after beginnig, and tapered off. Not nearly so much compared to Seroquel. I think vivid dreaming is common to many of the SSRI's.

I don't recall having stomach problems on Paxil. Having one drink on Paxil made me rather unsteady, and that really was my limit. Drinking while on xanax and paxil would be beyond anything I would do if I had to drive. The effects are too synergistic for me.


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i've taken paxil with ativan (relative of xanax) and i was fine with it. i could drink a couple of drinks and my alertness was fine.

i didn't have vivid or unusual dreams. i did have very vivid and scary dreams on seroquel, so we're all different like that.

now i take a whole mess of stuff, with klonopin in there. xanax may be more potent than klonopin, but k will last 6-8 hours, whereas the X is shorter lasting. try them out and determine what you like better.

paxil never made me tired. it made me manic (before we found out i was bipolar) and made me totally anorgasmic when i was in college and taking it with lithium, but other than that, it was a wonder drug for me and i loved it.

it may be a wonder drug for you too. i'd try it and see. have a drink at home and feel out how it makes you feel. i wouldn't take a xanax right before drinking, make sure it is out of your system first, but i don't think you should have trouble with a drink or two (depending on your weight) on paxil. at a family gathering my pharmacist uncle and i had a couple of beers together and he said it was ok for me to have them, so with that opinion i drank a couple here and there.

i'd talk to your pdoc about it, and see with some home experimentation what you can and can't do. you will feel it when the xanax wears off and you'll know you can have a drink and see how it goes.

i'm not a medical professional and you should ask a medical professional before taking any of my advice/ideas.


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