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Scared to death of weight gain


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I have an appointment in just over a month with a psychiatrist for an evaluation. I already know I have BPD & PTSD .. my regular doc is thinking probably bipolar. He rx-ed me Zyprexa and I refused to take it 'cuz it's fairly notorious for weight gain. I'm on 300mgs of Wellbutrin now and I just feel bloated all the time. Actually my stomach is bloated, has been since I started taking it.

I was on zoloft a couple of years back and gained so much weight. I've spent the last 2 years busting my ass to loose the extra 100lbs. I'm so scared that the psych will rx me meds that will make me gain weight.

The only thing that I feel depressed about are my body issues. I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I'm obsessing so much already and I haven't even seen the psych yet.

I'm scared that this will inflame my obsession with weight even more.. because I am obsessed. I don't know what to do, anyone have any advice/suggestions?

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Scarlett~ I suggest to be as honest and direct as you were here on this post.

Meds will only work if you take them. If you have great obsession, fears about taking them, I truly doubt you will, or will continue, without finding fault in them.

That is human. When we go into anything with already preconceptions, thought of so, it is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Believe me, I been there, so many times.

And the more times we do so, the more time we waste, getting the true help we need.

And time is not money here, well yes that too, as hubby pointed out so, but absolutely our health here, and so much more that can happen if it is left untreated.

There is always a compromise, always a way, in truth. I did find that out, finally, and meds are working, because I am taking them.

It is your body, and you do have the right to your feelings, and how you feel is all part of everything.

A good doctor, therapist should know that.

So, talk over all the options, and the medications that can work for you, with the least side effect of weight gain. Then discuss nutrition, and diet, and stick with it!

For me food part is easy, sticking to exercise when alone is hard.

Really they will apreciate you working together with them, for then they know you are working at it.

I know mine was finally like whew, all the songs and dances are over!

Oh yeah I thought I was a quick dancer.

So quick the moves turned on me.

Talking is good. Take care.

Luv, Aly

PS Just notice you only join today, Welcome, and I truly hope you find the support and friendship you need, that sometimes in real life well you know we just can't quite chat the same.

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