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Gluten-Free - Stock Option?

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  • 3 weeks later...

been experimenting with different kinds of flour.

textures are so important..

amaranth snacks that are too spicy, breakfast cereal snaps that squeak, and lots of bungled recipes. still trying..

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i've been experimenting for several years now (grumble). out west, i found Kinnickkinnicks made a good bread mix & their bagels/donuts were highly recommended by the owner of the health food store who was gluten intolerant. in fact, Kinnickkinnick sold out regularly but the other brands didn't move as well.

so far, i like bean flour based pastas over rice/corn based. the bean has more flavor & texture, the rice pasta turns to bland mush.

Carol Fenster's baking books are the ones i like. i use a mix of about 5 different flours to get flavor/texture. bean flours taste like wet raw beans. sorghum flour seems to be the key to taste/texture. you can't make an entire bread out of it but it is a key part of the mix. i use Fensters mix (rice/tapioca/cornstarch/bean/sorghum).

it takes time & patience. i find i really need to up the amount of salt/acid to fight the bland taste & add herbs or fruit juices (for sweet breads) for flavor. it's a real fight.

yes, please, Susanlynn, step up to the plate (my plate specifically) because i am tired of figuring this out on my own.

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