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Noises in the Night

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i live in a first floor apartment in the back of a building. behind me is a church, to my sides are a restaurant and another apartment building. there is no lock on teh door leading into our apartment building, but there is one on the door leading upstairs. mine is not upstairs so is not behind that locked door. i also have a back door. the door is a joke. it is secured by a "dead bolt" that an amature could break.

the windows are also old, so not so secure. the place is 80 years old so not so secure.

i hear noises at night and am so afraid! especially with my windows in the back wtih just that church there and no neighbors.

i woke up last night at 3:30am and had to take 2mg klonopin to go back to sleep. i'm terrified at every noise that doesn't seem right to me. i have my cell phone right by my bed and have considered a firearm (legal in ohio).

any advice?

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I was going to say when I read your thread title that I'm on 150 mgs of Trazadone and 800 mgs of Seroquel to keep me from the hypervigilance and night panics...but yours seems to be more a safety or security issue. I don't have a clue what the police are like in your area, but here they offer tips on making your home/apartment more secure, and there may be some literature that they can send to you. Also, you can see if there is a state mental health organization that can help. ;) Sleep dep really sucks the big salami.

Safety tips

If its just noises keeping you awake or waking you up, Wal-Mart (if you have them in Ohio) has a cute little sound machine for under twenty bucks. It has a lot of different sounds Rain, ocean waves, summer nights etc... I really love mine

* HUG *

Be safe

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Coming from

a rural background,

very few police,

(sheriff deputies)

You either hide from


Or in those safer years,

take care if it


I always feel better

if I can go

Storming out,

scare the


out of whatever.

(Oregon Loves Firearms)

I my View,(dangling my feet of the pedestal ;) )

If you get a weapon,

learn how to be safe,

do an internal check,

"Can I really use this??" (kill a person)

or risk having your

own weapon taken

From you.

Not Good.

Rattling off, Stasis

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good ideas all- i think i'm going to contact my building manager and see if there are options for me to get the outside secured better.

getting a dog is not an option because i have a small apartment (with eyes on a house if i can get one through rent subsidies) anc 4 cats inherited from my dad that i already have a hard time supporting. a dog would be impossible, though a very good protector. if and when i get a house, i'll get a dog too.

and good point stasis that i'd need to be able to not only use a firearm, but also be able to kill someone. i think i could if they were an intruder, but you never know in the heat of the moment. also, what if it was taken from me? all big questions.

i think my best bet is making sure right now that i do all i can practically do, like making sure the windows and doors are locked and the back light is on, and also move to where i can have a dog.


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i had my building manager check the whole place out and he showed me that it is secure, so i feel better about that. however, i'll still need a couple of klonopin and a baseball bat to feel better, that is, until i move and can have a dog (i'm allowed dogs here but it is too small for a dog and 4 cats).

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i woke up again last night and had to inspect the apartment, take 1mg klonopin, and go back to sleep.

today my tdoc said that i should do some mantras or meditations on being secure and safe before i go to bed. she said too that checking the doors and windows before i actually go to bed may also ease my anxiety and help me sleep through the night.

i should really inform my pdoc that i've been taking 3 mg klonopin a day and not 2mg as RXed.

the cats actually help me feel better because i know they'd come running in the bedroom to hide if there was anyone in teh house. they wouldn't just stand there with a stranger around. they hide from guests, why not intruders?

this is driving me CRAZY ;)

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I've found in my case at least, the cure for paranoia is apathy. Is there someone in my closet waiting to chop off my dong in my sleep? Maybe, but I'm too sleepy to care.

I moved into a place where an older person had lived and possibly died there, dont know for sure. My family wanted to spray holy water and hang crucifixes all over the place but I didnt let them. That would have been more creepy to go through that ritual.

So anyway, if my place is haunted I've disgusted any ghosts with my borish, obnoxious behavior and have driven them away.

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Even grocery stores carry window- and door- mounted alarms that shriek if disturbed. That might give

you a chance to wake up and grab your baseball bat.

Could an experienced burglar bypass them? Sure! But an experienced burglar would also go in when

you're not around and he has plenty of time to work.

The trash that would try to B&E whether you're home or not will either see the alarms and pick some

other place to try, or set off the alarms for a head-on encounter with Mr. Bipolar Baseball Bat.

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My flatmate moved out about 2 weeks ago and now I live alone again. I'm finding that I am getting scared at night as well, even though I live in a security-gated housing complex. However I'm im one of the front flats which has access to the road (people could climb the fence). I have deadbolts on those doors but the windows arent deadbolted.

In the flat I was in before this, I had a lock on my bedroom door and I always felt safer, knowing if someone got in the house, they wouldn't be able to get into my room where I was sleeping.

I hate when I hear noises that sound like someone is downstairs, also as I'd be "trapped" upstairs. I can lie awake in a panic for ages if I think I heard something, sometimes for hours, and I'd be far too scared to go and have a look even when I think it's probably nothing.

When I had my flatmate living here I didn't feel scared, and knew I could "blame" any noise on him moving about, and I wouldn't be scared.

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i was discussing this issue with a friend last night and he said that he's always afraid too.

one night, he heard this weird metallic sound. he brushed it off as being nothing.

in the morning, his grill was gone from his back yard! someone had actually taken his grill!

this person was found and apprehended with several items from the neighborhood. apparently he was starting a collection, or couldn't wait for his own housewarming party. my friend heard about it and called the police, and sure enough, they had his grill.

this freaked me out! i don't have a grill but what about the sounds? i need alarms for the doors, laser-beam alarms, a lock on my bedroom door, anything!

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I'm with Null and they also sell those stand up metal poles that jam up under the doorknob. I'm very noise sensitive and will wake up in a second but I have strings of bells strung from every door and I went to home depot and cut little round dowels (they were only like two bucks each) to the length of my windows and put them in the groove(minus a little to let it be open if I need a breeze) that way if someone pushes to hard on the window, the dowel will snap and I'll be awake and that will be bad for everyone.

I hope you find something that works


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