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"Tests" For Our Disorders?


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i didn't know where to put this, so i put it here. feel free to move it.

my family, despite the fact that half of them are bipolar nutcases themselves and half have been in the hospital and all take psych meds, refuses to accept my DX of BP1, even though it has been 11 years since my DX.

They want PROOF. like some kind of brain scan or blood work. i don't know if there are even any kinds of tests at the most advanced facilities! and how would i show them bipolar disorder anyway in a medicated mind? wouldn't my medication make my brain function correctly and thus my disorder would not show up in some kind of head scan?

They also insist that i get my thyroid checked, because obviously psychosis and bp1 are the result of a thyroid issue, despite having had my thyroid checked many, many times before with no issues found. but it MUST be something else!

what can i say or do to get them to understand and accept it? are there any tests that i could take and confirm to them? my mom has seen how bad i get and says "there is something wrong with you". and then starts talking about my THYROID. good god!


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A spect scan will show abnormalities, but they are not yet widely accepted as a diagnostic too. Insurance won't cover them and they cost about $1k. PET scans are more highly regarded but they cost substantially more. Again, insurance won't pay considering you already have an accurate diagnosis.

Is the problem that your bipolar doesn't look like what other people in the family have?

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I don't know if any here know but, I just had second head trauma, guess now this past Saturday would have been 2 weeks.

First one in this most recent years, was in Feb. and it was kind that had me in coma for few days.

I had cat scans, Mri's both times to the brain.

I am now what they say experiencing what you get from too many head trauma's, concussions.

So, that on top of my MRI, really does suck, plus they did see something that regular doc won't share on last MRI, said film was taken for me to take to my neurologist to discuss with me on that appointment, which is in week or so.

OK, all that being said, I was now wondering, since memory leaving me, and did not unpack all my books yet.

What is difference VE, between PET, and MRI?

I am thinking there is something, but can't put finger on it. Is it a dye, is that possible as in cat scan in other organs of body?

Can a MRI, possibly show some differences of the brain, as in size differences of one part to other?

So how one section is more developed than an other?

Just curious myself, after all the scanning of my brain, and in last MRI, they did full brain, complete series.

It would be interesting to see.

I know in book I have Oh gosh trying to remember name it was about OCD, it had pictures of PET scans show had areas of person with more developed I want to say show up red, heated on Pet scan, as if wired hot, than person that did not.

Of course they did many, many subjests.

Same with ADHD.

"Brainlocked" that was book, I really did like that book, and the studies.

Loon-a-tik, as you said first thing they do is thyroid, and gosh they redo it often I think when ever any thing major changes, or meds, and if ever in hospital.

And nothing in blood, it is in our brains, as far as I know, and been told, by my doctors.

And I do look forward to more studies of such, and available to us all.

And of course that they bring us the treatment, cure, for all of this!

I really am sorry your Mom is giving you such a hard time.

Really seems like such a Mom thing is so many cases.

Especially when they are ill themselves.

Take Care,


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VE- strangely enough in my family, we have a good variety of different styles of bp1 and bp2. my bp looks like my MOM'S, and she's the thyroid girl.

i need a WZ certificate with Tom's signature.

i get gov money and the gov says i'm crazy, what more do i need?

i asked her that. i said 'the gov says i'm crazy, and it has been proven to their satisfaction, which is very hard to do." her reason is that they haven't checked my thyroid!

i'm just going to say to her that until she becomes a pdoc, that i won't discuss my mental health issues wtih her.

yeah, the funny part is that my symptoms are just like hers!

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i had my thyroid last checked last year around this time.

today i was accused of just popping pills to deal with my problems, as though bipolar disorder is something that can just be talked away (it is so ironic that she has bp and my dad committed suicide. denial anyone?). i talk to my tdoc and she just complains about my tdoc's credentials, and complains that i see a pnurse who is overseen by a pdoc. my pdoc approves all my meds, so i don't see the problem.

it is the thyroid that has been checked during every hospitalization (5 of them) and has been found to be fine. i also had it checked last year when i had a bad lung infection and it was fine then too.

thyroid madness! lol

where's tom cruise when you need him?

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