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Weeeeeeeeeee! I got more possible dxs

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Ok, We spent the day driving from home to the nearest psychiatrist. That was cool. I've seen this doctor before in inpatient, so he already knew my history. He listened to me describe what is going on and the first thing out of his mouth is "has any one ever mentioned Bi-polar to you before?"

me :cussing: errrmmmm

Sending me to get an EEG, says it might indicate epilepsy, due to family history, severe headaches, auras and lost time :cussing:

bopped me up to 1200 of Seroquel and told me to come back in a couple weeks and well talk about dissociation, bi-polar stuff and epilepsy. ;)

All in all the dxs bandied about were Psychoses NOS, DDNOS, some kind ( I think that there are a zillion) of Bipolar and possibly Epilepsy.....

I love my Seroquel :)

I love all of my pretty dxs :cussing:

I feel so special :wtf:

If I don't laugh about all this I'd go furking nuts....wait a minute I'm already furking nuts

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