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Circadium Rhythms

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EDIT: Also coincidentally, this article talked mostly about the methods they used, and of course the generation of completely new methods to study this stuff. This is exactly what I plan to do with my hopeful future Master's degree in Industrial Engineering. =D

very cool!! i love this kind of research, too. i used to hope to be a researcher in these fields, but i've since concluded i will not likely make it through the schooling. i'm thirty and haven't even started school yet lol.

i went to a class on circadium rhythms... i worked at a hospital and we were all required to attend, considering so many of us worked nights and swing shifts and therefore had to play with our sleep schedules. i concluded that my natural rhythms are off by about seven hours than most humans. i do best sleeping from four am until noon, with all subsequent activities off by the same amount.


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