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Whew...safe! I can't believe I've found this place.

I'm so glad to have stumbled upon such a bunch like you! I've been scanning through your threads and my mouth is just....open! I can't get over my shock and having found so many BPD people in one place! (I'm actually kinda scared!) I'm thrilled to see that I am not alone in my struggles with BPD. I mean, obviously I wasn't alone before I came here, but you know how isolating it can feel to be the freak-fuck-up girl in a world of seemingly normal folks!

I guess I jsut wanted to say hello and how are you. I hope to be supportive to people here and maybe make some friends and share my expeirence. I still don't really know what to say...I haven't run into a forum for PD's yet that was so honest and open and fun as this one. Hopefully you guys will like me.

A little information about me.

My name is Natalie, I'll be 23 in December. I live with my boyfriend (very serious). We've been living together for three years now...though sometimes I don't know how in the hell we've not killed each other. He is smart and sexy and wonderful...most of the time. He's very loving and works with me on my issues...but we all know it's not always great. He has been diagnosed Bipolar and takes Lamictal and it evens him out perfectly.

I work in personnel placement/governemtn contracts in New England and love it here. My work situation is fucking fantastic. I have finally found place where I am in charge of most everything and work with....really, no one (one person). It's perfect!

My dx: Bipolar, BPD, GAD, PTSD, Psychosis NOS.

I really am starting to doubt the Bipolar. My anxiety is out of control as is my psychosis (at times) and paranoid thinking. But I really think I may just be Borderline. I am pretty much med resistant....I don't respond well to anything. I've been on it all, none of it really works for anything but gaining weight. I am doing very well with DBT...I recently lost my therapist to another practice...my new therapist is a cold woman and I pretty much think she hates me most of the time...but she's very skilled, so, what are you going to do right?

Anyhow....I guess that covers the basics. I'm a pretty nice person and good at listening most of the time. I love to help people, so if any of you ever need help or support, I'm available...even if you're a stranger! ;)

Again, so nice to see you all. Reading your stories really made me feel good inside. I appreciate so much that there is a place like this, where I don't feel bad and yucky...I feel understood. It's super.


Edit to add: You guys have the best damn smilies I've ever seen!!

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while i'm not bpd, i'm bipolar, i'm happy you found us and can relate to our stories here and we can relate to you. there are all flavors of crazy here, as you see. you don't have to restrict yourself to posting just on this board. like with this post, i sometimes even post on boards where i don't have that disorder. maybe i'm ocd? lol



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Glad to meet you, I hope you find some friendship here. I am BPD with bipolar and psychosis and am yet to find meds that work, so I can sympathise. I am also in DBT. If you ever want to rant away feel free to pm me, I can be a good listener. Your boyfriend sounds fab, I hope all goes well with your relationship.

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