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RE Introducing myself

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Anyway... at this point in time I'm having a LOT of guilt, shame and issues with my sexual past, the abortions, and facing the fact that I don't have children now - my BF has kids from a previous life, having a relationship with them triggered up all the bad bad bad emotions about being childless.

Welcome again! We share so much of the same history, a lot of us do. Not surprisingly, I suppose.

I did recover from my childhood injuries and they were many and horrific. They still bite me in the ass from time to time, but these days I have bad days not bad years.

Hang in there, and welcome again! You rock woman!


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Nice to meet you. It is good to have someone listen who understnds and cares. It's also feels good when you can help others out.

I had a really long post in my intro, but, then I got too self-conscious about it being too long - felt guilty that people would waste their time reading it, afraid that they wouldn't; so I cut it down to a very simple impersonal post which does not express who I am at all. I wish that I would have just left my post the way that it was in the first place.

Point is - your post is absolutely not too long. It's perfect.

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