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I am new to this board. In fact, I am new to bipolar. I have been lying to my family, pdoc and myself about being bipolar. I did a pretty good job (so I thought) of hiding my mania. Now I have embraced that I am bipolar type II. I got away with telling everyone I was just depressed because about 90% of the time I was severely depressed. Because my hypomania has gotten me in some trouble, I had no choice but to embrace the bipolar. I am now working very hard to try and get things under control.

I was put on Geodon 80mg at night a few weeks ago. My doc increased it to 160mg at night. The problem is I am completely wiped out in the morning and for about 1/2 of the day. I told my pdoc and he decreased the dose back down to 80mg. It has helped some with the tiredness and restlessness. The problem is I am an attorney and I need to be on my toes all the time. I have missed a ton of work, had to cancel appointments and hearings. It is really becomming a problem. My pdoc is sympathetic and assures me it will get better. Oh, another thing, after I take the Geodon, I can get to sleep. I lay and stare at the ceiling for hours. When I finally do get to sleep, I am out for the count. I do see a benefit. My mood appears stable and I have not been depressed since I started it.

Those with experience with Geodon, can you tell me if the tiredness eventually goes away. I am beginning to feel like I have traded one problem for a whole host of others.


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i took geodon for less than a week before side effects caused them to rip me off of it REALLY fast (i was in the hospital).

one of my side effects (not the major one) was being too exhausted to even open my eyes, much less get out of bed. the nurses couldn't get me out of bed. i was sleeping for 15+ hours a day. since i didn't continue on the treatment, i don't know if that sleepiness side effect would have continued or not.

HOWEVER- there are other options for you in your treatment besides geodon. if you can't miss work you can't miss work. your pdoc has to respect that and accept that. it is your pdoc's responsibility to make sure you can function to the best of your ability, and that does not count being too drugged on your geodon to function.

my advice would be to discuss a med change with your pdoc. there are a lot of other drugs out there you can try . you didn't say if you are taking other things. maybe a mood stabilizer, like lithium, depakote, or lamictal? maybe another atypical antipsychotic? there are so many ideas and combinations. notice in our sigs we all have different med combos. our chemistry is all different and it is up to you and your pdoc to find what works for you.

good luck in having accepted your DX. a good book, even though it talks down to the reader, would be the bipolar disorder survival guide. i have this book and while i'm old hat to my DX, i found it to have worthwhile ideas and suggestions.

don't be ashamed of your DX. it doesn't mean you have to scream it to the world or tell anyone at all, but be at peace with it. it is not the end of the world. it is a treatable, manageable disorder. you can do this!


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Thanks for the tips. Presently Geodon is the only medication I am taking. I recently weened off of an anti-depressant (boy that was fun, I am still freakin dizzy). Except for being tired, the Geodon seems to work. I have only had one depressed episode since taking it -- I am in it right now. Of couse, that could be because I am sleeping all day.

Concerning being ashamed of being bi polar. You hit that one on the head. Ashamed doesn't even describe it. I am mad, pissed off, embarassed and down right fucking angry at the world, myself and my doc. Why is it me that has to be off his rocker. Maybe some day I will have the balls to actually do something about it. Until then, the world will think whatever they want and I will continue being one big side effect.

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there is a whole class of meds, the atypical antipsychotics, that can do what geodon does and potentially not make you sleep from here to eternity. i slept on geodon, seroquel, and a bit on zyprexa. risperdal doesn't make me tired, and i get almost all of the positive benefits i got from taking zyprexa (my beloved wonder drug that i can't have).

do you have a tdoc? that would be the person to talk to pertaining to your negative feelings towards your diagnosis. all i have to offer, as lame as it is, is that bp isn't the end of the world. it is treatable, manageable, and actually has some positives. check out www.willigocrazy.com. the lady who writes it is a bipolar psychologist. she's a fascinating lady and has some theories concerning the bipolar personality that goes along with the disorder. we are not always "suffering" from the disorder, and the positives stay with us no matter what. there is a lot to be said for depth of character and creativity. being bp just forces you into new insights.

good luck with all of this. it can be crappy, i know that for sure, but even with all the meds i take and my DXes, i wouldn't trade it for anything. my tdoc would kiss me for saying that, and having such a positive self-image! but really, i've come to accept myself and love myself for who and what i am. when you accept yourself, warts and all, that's when you know you're on the real road to remission.

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Hi KY. Welcome!

Geodon as a sole med is an interesting choice for a BPII who has been mostly depressed. Not a typical choice for sure.

While I don't want to second gues your pdoc, be aware that there are more commonly used meds, Mood Stabilizers, that don't have nearly the sedating effects of Geodon. Lithium, Depakote and Lamictal come to mind. Lithium and Lamictal have proven anti-depressant properties, and can be used together if either is not sufficient. Now if sleep is still a problem on those meds, then your pdoc might consider any of the usual sleep meds or perhaps Seroquel, an AAP, in very small dosage.

Don't give up, it is normal to work thru various med combos to find the cocktail that works for you.

As far as accepting the BP diagnosis, that is a right of passage for all. At least you can take consolation that you have a med that has brought things under control. Now you know that all is not lost; that the illness won't wreak havoc with you life forever.

I do strongly recommend getting a copy of The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide. It is comprehensive, yet easily readable, and encouraging. I disagree with Loon, about it have a condescending tone.

An excellent website on BPII is http://www.psycheducation.org which is written by a Pdoc specializing in Bipolar.


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