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What To Do When Psychosis Strikes?

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Its so hard.

Keeping busy can help, as can moving your attention elswhere.

Relaxaton exercises can help.

I find trying to ignore the voices (by letting go a little) helps a lot - I coudlnt manage this prior to therapy but on seroquel and abilify I can sometimes.

I find the more attention I pay to the voices or disordered thought the more distressed I become.

Benzos help too.

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I'm still looking for effective tactics myself

I confess...when I'm alone I jeer and yell obscenities at the hallucinations

Or I talk outloud to the voices in my head, since i keep it all in most of the time, it is weirdly freeing to have my say. Sometimes if you can, getting totally into some energetic project...cleaning the fridge, say or trying to do 20 ab crunches or what ever, actually helps

General psycho heebie-jeebies? so far I'm stuck with tossing a bunch of benzos and seroquel down my throat until I just don't care anymore :embarassed:

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