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I want to kill everyone I've met today


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I too am having a f*cked up day with my fellow man, sheep, goats, llamas, and tech support. The urge to go frothing postal is hard to resist when Monday insists on being one of THOSE Mondays.

Sympathy and chocolate to you Dear. I hope things get better or at least stop throwing monkey doo-doo

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More later. My dr's office sucks. My fax machine sucks. My car sucks. The mail sucks. My college sucks.

I almost poured gasoline in my car today and threw a match in.

That probably isn't the best idea. Is this maybe because you were so euphoric a few days ago? Not that you shouldn't have been with that kind of good news. If I felt like this it would be because of too much contact with my father, not enough exercise, or watching the news.

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I totally understand JBella I felt like that all last week. I may feel like that this week too if the temperatures don't go down. But please don't torch the car. You'll need it later. My aunt got pissy and shot hers. Do you know it's illegal to shoot your own car? Makes no sense to me. She totally got a citation. I'd have thought if it was my car I could do whatever I wanted to it. Anyway try to find a way to get out the frustration without totally losing it. Long walks, loud music (when I'm angry I listen to old Garbage. Shirley can rage like no one else) and up the meds with docs approval if necessary.

Hang in there-ride the wave


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Can I chime in?

My computer sucks

My phone sucks (got a new one tho, so okay for now)

My car sucks (got a new one too, knock on wood)

My mail sucks (my med shipment is 4 weeks late and waiting)

My housemate sucks (autistic, doesn't clean up, eats my food, arrogant)

My sleep sucks (Ambien not cutting it for me anymore)

My life sucks and I don't even know why.

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i'll give it to ya too:

my mom sucks- she wants me to be her ebay webmaster for this crap she painted that sucks

mom's "art" sucks- who the hell will want to buy her ugly painted caurosel horses? windows she's painted with stained glass paint?

my radiators suck- it is freezing (into the 40s) in here and the radiators barely function

my car sucks- it stops randomly in the middle of the street, causing me to have to put on my hazards, put it into neutral, start it up, and then drive off. very annoying.

my computer sucks- i need to build a new one and start gathering parts for it. this one has like 500mhz or something lame and it runs too slow

my family sucks- they need to do something with these cats i have here, because i'm not allowed to have 4 cats my landlord says

SSA sucks- i still haven't heard yet on what quality control in chicago is doing

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