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I've never said hi, so hi!

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I've been lurking and randomly posting on this board and the old board for a couple of months, but I've never officially said hello.

I'm a 32 year-old teacher (on medical leave) looking for a new job, who has been diagnosed with MDD, PTSD, OCD, anxiety, and most recently BPD (My pdoc has mentioned that I may be Bipolar, but I'm not buying it).

I have to say that I love this place!

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Guest PinkToo2grrl

Welcome Jade!

I say BAH to the Dxs.  My pdoc keeps wanting to make me ADD heaven knows why, and I am not, a bit of an airhead, but not ADD.  Stand your ground, you know what's in your head best, and if something doesn;t fit, then don;t let them stuff you in a box for convenience sake!

Hope you have fun, learn lots, and settle in here.    And, HI right back atcha!


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