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Laughter yoga / laughter club

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Someone told that after trying a 'laughter yoga' class of laughter exercises for

the first time last week, he experienced several hours of substantial relief from

the symptoms of his serious depression.

I know someone else who does it every week and enjoys it a lot. (Once they went to

a week-long 'laughter yoga' retreat and came back seeming a little hypomanic, but

the weekly class seems to do them nothing but good.)

Google search: laughter yoga


Google search: laughter club

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Of course -- laughter is the medicine of the soul, after all.

My friend and I used to gather up some people and laugh just about every day with them for almost half an hour. It left me feeling a lot better for almost the whole day. I'd recommend doing it with people you know, because laughing with friends is a way of connecting with them.

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