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Is Ayurvedic medicine safe for bipolar?

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is ayurvedic safe for bipolar?

As far as I know, Ayurveda covers an entire philosophy on the use of foods and herbal products to maintain

health, so it's hard to make a blanket statement regarding bipolar. Some herbs used could make bipolar

disorder much worse, others would have no effect.

It's like asking if OTC preps are safe for bipolar. No one knows if you're planning on taking willow bark,

tyrosine, or drain cleaner.

i know they do a lot of clensing. does this clense the meds out of your system?

"Cleansing" is also too broad to address. If you are on extended/sustained-release medication that is

working on its current schedule, some purgatives could remove medication that hadn't been absorbed yet.

Likewise, a standard-release medication can enter the bloodstream very quickly if one has had a colonic

performed (herbally or mechanically). Also, some foods and herbs can increase or decrease metabolism

rates for some medications.

has anyone tried it?

does it work?

Please do not be offended if the response is "It depends".

I use a traditional Ayurvedic herb that works fairly well for my occasional RLS/EPS symptoms - that

does NOT mean that you'll have pleasant results if you take it.

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you have to walk a fine line with ayurved. With it I was "med free and in remission" but it only lasted four years and then the fifth year I had to go back on regular meds because I ended up with too many triggers in too short of a time. You have to make sure that aside from your regular breathing, chanting, aromatherapy, shirodhara, massage, bathing habits, eating habits, exercise habits, and herbal treatments that your herbs(every single one) have to be cleared with your pdoc. Indian herbs are like all other herbs they can be very potent. For example a type of Indian valerian is used in calming herbs. They're harvested and then ground when you need them. They are nothing close to the stuff you get at gnc so be damn careful unless you want smelly sleep for twelve hours. As are the elixirs. The don't brew, harvest,or fill capsules until you need it and your treatments change with your stressors and the seasons. So you and your ayurvedic specialist have to stay in constant contant interaction. Even weight gain, changes in age, and loss and bowel movements are monitored. So it's a huge lifestyle change and sometimes an expensive one so do a lot of resarch before moving forth. I am damn grateful for my four years so it was seriously worth it. So research away it may or may not be for you.

take care


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