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i heard the exciting news from my pnurse today that jannsen (makers of risperdal) is creating (he didn't say what stage of clinical development it is in) a drug as a sequel to risperdal. it is supposed to be "cleaner" on the side effects and basically have the same actions.

yippie horray for any new atypical! it has been awhile since we've had a new choice! wooo hooo! i hope it will be soon.

i told him i'd like to be his first experimental patient when it comes out. he said "well, you're always the one who wants to try all the meds". yeah, i do, i'm always trying new meds.

i'm up to 3mg risperdal as of today. i only experience lactation and therefore prolactin problems and sexual side effects from it, not enough to keep me from taking it. "cleaner" on the side effects sounds like a good proposition to me!

i just did some online research and couldn't find anythign about it. i think i'll need to get the name/compound name from him to search on it.

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ehygon- yes! you found it! it is Paliperidone. i remember my pnurse saying that name. i looked up this article on it:


in the article it says that paliperidone is different from risperdal due to the addition of one hydroxy group (whatever that means), and that it will be the second novel atypical on the market. however, patent challenges will be made because the difference between risperdal and paliperidone is just that hydroxy group, and challengers will argue that is not enough to constitute a new patent.

the article also says, on the business side, that due to risperdal going generic, J&J (parent to jannsen) needs to bolster their share of the antipsychotic market.

interesting reading.

this new drug should be available in late 2006/early 2007 according to the report.

sign me up!

it was supposedly more effective and better tolerated than risperdal. maybe that means more weight neutral? personally risp. hasn't made me gain weight, but for a lot of you, it seems to be a problem.

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