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must i titrate wb from 300 to 150 if

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You can only titrate up, not down.

I'd take a half dose for a few days if I had pills to spare, but check with a doc.

Since you're bpI you're somewhat limited in the ADs you can take, going to 450 and adding something like a benzo or AP to control any extra agitation might be the thing to do.

I'm a college dropout not a Doctor, so ask a Doctor before you do anything along the lines of making a decision.

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we're all on a tightrope with the ADs we can take (us bipolars, especially type 1). if WB hasn't made you manic, hypo, or mixed, then there's a good chance it could work given the right dose in the right cocktail.

how long have you been taking it? sometimes these drugs take up to 2 months to start to show their full effects. i think you'd probably have a good idea within a month, but give it some time.

by "pissy", do you mean you feel just in a bad mood and generally cranky and bitchy?

there's a good chance maybe WB may be too agitating. i don't know. it doesn't do it to me but people report it as happening to them. as VE said, maybe your pdoc would want to control the symptoms rather than discontinue the drug.

that's a good question for your pdoc. the dose may be the key, or timing perhaps too.

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