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I like red in winter. Crazy Soprano had the most adorable red coat.

I don't know who set the rules (why not wear white socks in winter? Everything else is white), but I feel they ought to be discarded at will. Vibrant blues. Yes. That'll make me happier.

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it just grosses me out to see so much black, grey, red in the winter time. so depressing!

i believe colorful, not too crazy, clothes would make me smile if i saw more of them in the winter.

just a thought. maybe i am wrong. what do you think?

Is this one of those "Mars/Venus" things? ;)

Otherwise, I'd suggest white as good in the summer to keep the heat off, and black/charcoal/navy in

the winter to suck in whatever sunlight's available.

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good point null0trooper. absorbing the sunlight. maybe colors that are dark, yet still vibrant?

rules that encompass trivial things, yet cause embarassment if not followed, especially coming from random people/industries, are stupid.

thank you!


*something random: what about solar hats that plug into your brain? or surgically inserting one in your body somewhere?

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my winter coat is white and my scarf and gloves are both rainbow stripes. i have a turtle neck that is rainbow stripes. i don't think they're obnoxious, they're cute. i wear color in the winter because otherwise, it gets so blah.

my ex husband was one for the darker colors in the winter. blah. i couldn't get him to wear any colors besides black, charcoal, blue, and green, all dark shades. blah blah blah.

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Imnop, I bet CS looks adorable in her red coat, please tell her Aly said hi, and is finally here in Boston, and has been for two months. And I will be working most likely in the Macy's, and at store inside she thought would be just right for me, apparently comestic manager thought same!

OK, done with thread steal, just had to say that, and red coats were always my favorite ;)

Winter white is to be really big this season, so from what I saw dark blacks are out!

And Loon, your stripes would go great, they are the colors all coming back in all the sweaters, and striped or splashed about!

I think everybody is feeling same way, we need colors, and sunlight in our lives, in everyway, where we can get it.

Luv, Aly

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that sounds great to me, alyson.

i own a lot of winter purple myself!

I am glad you brought this topic up, for I agree with the black, and I have been giving it the boot out of my hubby's closet since we first met, it brought me down seeing it on him!

If read any about Boston, they really love their bright slacks in the summer months, and have seen so far they are not parting with them, just topping with all the sweaters I spoke of.

Thier sweaters are very colorful in the little boutiques around here, that does put smile all around me!

Enjoy those purples, and just be thinking about us in Boston!

And it really will be seen all everywhere else with the winter white slacks, jackets, coats.

But here in Boston, believe color will keep on going all over the body!

Luv, Aly

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a lot of people swear by color therapy. now black actually has always been my favorite color (poor mom there was a very unfortunate situation in the 70's when I was graduating from 6th grade and her vision for me was an orange and white polka dotted dress) anyway I don't actually change seasons with clothes I just layer stuff on top of stuff that way I don't have to put anything away or dig anything out.


guess it couldn't hurt...


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Deep Black

and Levis,

Year round.



tend to change with the seasons.


Summer Pistols(small, light)

Winter Pistols,What ever fits.

I have 5-6 Levi Jackets

one is black,

Brings out the

Rogue in me.

Huh,no tales.

Lots of color on Women

Oh, Yes!!

Like flowers,

to my marauding



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When I was in middle school, my mom bought be a bright (and I mean Day-Glo bright) orange dress for school. It was winter. The day I wore it, the weather was kind of half fog, half overcast. I felt like a walking lighthouse beacon. I felt more conspicuous than a huge infected zit on the tip of my nose. No more bright colors on dark days for me. I like the dark. Dark for dark business.

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When I worked in the entertainment industry, where looks and the way you dress were important, we were sometimes told to avoid wearing black, and to try to wear at least something with a bit of colour. I've since tried to adopt this attitude when I buy clothes. One time I bought a red floral dress (though I'm not really a "red" person) and when I wore it I got a lot of nice comments on how I looked.

I think wearing colour brighten's people's moods, would probably also extend to your own moods as well. It doesn't have to be bright colours, or something over the top, just something other than the usual black, white, grey, dark blue.

I think colours do affect moods!

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in honor of just learning there might be rules in america about seasonal colors, i encourage us all to return to a time when there were TONS of rules about how to dress, and let's just go nuts ;)

Heian Japan....

"Some two hundred rules were established which governed things like the combination of colors of kimono colors and how the colors of the outside and the lining should be harmonized. This resulted in certain colors being associated with November to February which were called ume-gasane or "shades of the plum blossom. Such kimonos were white on the outside and red on the inside.

For March and April there was a combination called "shades of wisteria", a kimono with lavender outside and a blue lining.

Winter and Spring had their own set with an outer garment of yellow and orange.

The colors were set to mirror the seasons and their moods, showing just how closely the Japanese were attuned to the world of nature around them. This also, of course, led to other things one did not do with kimonos, such as wear one with cherry blossom designs in the winter or fall. Examples of summer motifs include ocean waves and red maple leaves.

There is also an interesting custom in Japan even today where people basically have a set of clothes worn for the winter and a set worn for the summer and these are changed at set times even if the weather has not changed. This came about from a ruling of emperor Go-Daigo (1318-1339) which applied to the courtly classes but it filtered down to other classes over time. "

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people judge you just as harshly for wearing the wrong thing as they do if you have a mental illness.

people blindly follow the rules and have no idea that their freedom of choice has been revoked in this area.

i think if i saw an ocean scene on a shirt in the winter in the winter, i would probably smile and think of the warm weather, or it could depress me, who knows! i think the former.

its just a matter of choice. personally, as my own rule, probably others as well, i would not wear a sundress in winter. its not practical to me, but if someone else wanted to wear one, i say go for it!

which reminds me of seeing girls standing in line at a club in the middle of winter wearing fancy tank tops?. they freeze, but if they like it then why should i tell them otherwise. again, i think that was something that the fashion industry came up with.

ok, rant over!

gotta run!


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Colors Are Lovely!!!!

Go For it!!!! I love Wearing Winter White and Pink

But you are so right Black, Grey all through winter is so Depressing!!!

I agree with Imnop: red! Winter demands red. Red coats, red toukes and scarves, red socks. Red.


This is also Great!!!!!

Red Rocks!!!

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i know its all in the eyes of the beholder, but if something clashes or looks too busy or just not done well, i think it could end up being a negative vibe.

colors should be subtle, noticeable, complementary, at least to me. am i now creating a rule? ;)

and even though red looks bad on me and i just don't like it, i think ya'll sold it to me as a beautiful color.

i think this should extend to cars, houses?, ordinary items. i really want a purple car!

thanks for responding everybody!


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I wear all colors I have a LOT of clothes..I am a clothes addict and read a lot of fashion mags too...I have many coats...and a red one..I also have a winter white one and a pale yellow among many blues and all....I have tops and skirts in all colors.....the only color I do not wear is olive green cause I look like hell in it

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when i was in highschool in LA i wore only all black

when i went to college in NYC i wore as many bright colors as i could find.

now i'm somewhere inbetween. lotsa earth tones, some reds or light blues thrown in.

perhaps i should go back to all black and continue to rebel now that i'm back in california.

but i think i may be too old for that.


there are so many colors out there. all of them are the "new black"

actually, i'm quite fond of all the aubergine this season.

man i sound silly.

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I second, third, fourth, or whatever, wearing colors in the winter. I have a lot of green, burgundy, brown, and other NOS full-sleeve shirts and nice colorful button-up shirts to go over them. Enough to make things not depressive, but not enough to look flamboyant (and/or gay, pick your poison).

That's all going to change this year, as now I live in a climate where winter is mostly shorts and t-shirt weather, just like the rest of the year.

If you're jealous of that, BTW, I wouldn't mind switching. My body really can't handle anything above 75F, which is where we spend all but 3 months of the year above. Summer is way more depressing than winter, since it [summer] wracks my nervous system, and my psychological state, to all holy hell.

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