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My Friend Said He Got "Bad Vibes" From Me Last Night


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i went out for soem beers with a friend last night. today he told me that he got "bad vibes" from me. what the hell is that supposed to mean? how could i give someone bad vibes? that is just crazy. maybe he needs a crazyboards membership.

what do you think about this bad vibes situation?

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he has confessed the root of his "bad vibes" dysfunciton.

it turns out that my friend has a "serious crush" on me and it makes things complicated. i told him that i'm flattered and don't mind, and we can work with it. i suspected it, but with the 'bad vibes' comment, i was kinda putting the crush idea on hold!

am- he does not hate my aftershave. had to make sure because it is my favorite kind. ehh.

he also caught me lying about where i live. i live on the north side of a main street, not across the street on the south side, and i was lying about that because in the beginning, i didn't know him well, and then i figured that i didn't need to confess that. he called me on it today because he sees where i park my car because he frequents the restaurant next door to my building and SEES MY CAR. so i got called on it and had to confess the house snafu.

what to do? depending on what he writes back (and it could be anything, knowing him), the case of the bad vibes may not be closed.

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