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Mixed states and sleep

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SO, I'm in the middle of week 3 of a mixed state of hell and I'm finding that I can't get to sleep at night when I'm supposed to sleep, but then I sleep all the next day.  The pdoc gave me 25mg of Seroquel for sleep, but that makes for one zombie mommie the next day ... just as tired as if I didn't sleep at all.  Other than guided relaxation CD's (which don't work for me, I concentrate too hard on what the old lady is talking about), has anyone found anything to assist in falling asleep at the right time of night?  Feedback appreciated.



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I feel your pain.  I'm going on...hmmm...month number two and half and I'm still having problems sleeping.  I get about two to four hours a night.  I've tried just about everything too.  I know I'm manic and I won't take seraZombie again.  Hate that damn med!  Anyway...shit, I don't have any advice.  Felt like posting just because I know how you feel.  I've been told to read a book...do yogo....meditate...take a bath in lavender oil...don't smoke cigarettes or drink anything with caffeine...yada yada yada.  Personally, I don't know if you're Bipolar or you just suffer from insomnia or what.  Like I said...I feel your pain and know how you feel.  Sorry for rambling on.


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I've learned a lot about "sleep hygiene" (yep, that's what the docs call it) over the past few years.  Here are the non-med related tricks that often (but not always) work for me:

No TV for 2 hours before bed

Dim lights, including reading lights, 2 hours before bed

No news or stimulating content (yep, 2 hours before bed)

Some kind of relaxation: non-energizing yoga postures, stretching, bath, meditation, prayer if you're into it, dishwashing (my personal relaxation), listening to music

No computer, web surfing, etc.

Darken the bedroom--shades down to cut out streetlights, moonlight, etc.

You get the drift.  Basically, cut the technology and introduce personal care.  It probably sounds boring.  But that's what it's meant to be.  The idea is to allow the body to stop producing serotonin & other "awake" hormones and start producing melatonin to ready you for sleep.

If I do most of this, I sleep much much better, and am better at going to sleep at the same time.  If I add a light box my sleep cycle gets almost bombproof!

Edit: Oh, and this applies when I'm stable.  Right now in the middle of med change and anything goes.

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