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Summons to Appear in Court for Spring Case

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back in the early spring this guy tried to rape me. now i finally received a court summons for it.

the problem is that it happened so long ago, and how do you prove an attempted rape with no witnesses?

they (the defense) is going to try to make me look like the town whore. i mean, i can prove that i was in his house, but proving the attempted rape is another story. he didn't hurt me or bruise me up or anything like that, he just tried to force himself on me. it was really scary and traumatic, and i'd rather not talk about it anymore.

i want to drop the case. i don't want my reputation to go through hell, i don't want to go to court, i don't want to have to talk about what happened. and he probably wouldn't get any time anyway, because how do you prove it without physical evidense?

i just don't want to go through it.

any reflections?

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Hi Loon,

I apologize up and down for not remembering all the events that happened.

LG is right - someone is pressing charges against this guy.

The summons should give you enough info to look it up on the web or to contact the court for more information.

im assuming this is a criminal case? i know a tiny bit about civil cases - and both parties have "discovery." i dont know to what extent that happens in a criminal case.

you dont have to repeat the past....just keep us updated on the future. there are people here that care for you - the posters & the lurkers.

much love,


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i'm the one who pressed charges because i was the one who was snatched and almost raped. i don't even want to repeat it, but they're not letting me drop anything. i called them today and they said that because the grand jury came down with an indictement, that at that point it was out of my hands (contrary to what the intake detectives had said- they claimed it was always in my hands. this makes me very angry).

what happened was i was taking the back way (across some back parking lots) to the store and this guy came out of the car and asked for directions. being that i live in a "safe" area, i started to give him directions. before i knew it, i was in a hold with a knife to my stomach. so i got in the car and didn't think i'd see the light of day again.

at his place, he went back and forth between telling me abuot his negative past as a member of the military (he has done some "bad" things), and trying to force himself on me. i kept telling him that i liked him and wanted him, but he was "going too fast" for me and that i needed more time to know him. he would have raped me, except i was having my period and he is muslim. thank goddess!

i got out of there because i told him my roommate would be worried about me, but i got his number and told him i'd call. he dropped me off where he'd picked me up!

when i went to the police about it, i told them all about it, but i didn't have bruises or anything. they also wondered why i was alive and why he dropped me back off. i think he may have just been on drugs or something. i'm blessed that i'm alive and got out of there.

but i don't want to talk about the details, and they're going to go there. i think they'll bring up my sex life since i was born and i don't think it matters and i don't want to go there, either.

but it isn't my choice anymore. they're not letting me drop it. so i guess that means get with my tdoc and talk it over. it is going to be a long few weeks until the trial.

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I know it's very hard to have to go to court and relive something like this. But think of the good you are doing. At the very least you are helping to provide a record for this creep. That means alot. So many women are too afraid to report something like this. Or they are ashamed and scared. You are VERY brave for doing what you are doing.

If the defense tries to "make you look like the town whore" like you said, that would just make them look stupid. The guy took you at knifepoint for god's sake! Look that sonofabitch in the eye and ask him how he would feel if his mom, wife, daughter was abducted the way you were. Make him look like an ass for even suggesting it's your fault.....At least that's what I'd do. I get fired up easily though. No patience for anyone trying to defend a sexual predator.

Good luck, try to keep your head up. You're doing a good thing, remember that.


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This makes me pissed off for a couple of reasons.

One: that some jackfuck would do this. And could get away with it. This sort of thing can not be allowed.

Two: that it may yet be allowed. Note, not that it may happen; that, in and of itself, is a product of our justice system. fair trial and all that.

But if this man is guilty of this crime, he must be punished. He must be punished because he may well try again, if he hasn't tried before or since. If he did it, he is a predator.

And you... you would let this creep prey on other women because you fear what may come up at trial?

I have known girls, friends. who have been raped. I think of them, and I think of you and this "reputation" crap, which shan't go beyond the courtroom and which really doesn't matter worth a spit anyways.

Pathetic. Fucking pathetic. Tell me what, talk to someone who HAS been raped, HAS gone on the stand, HAS had their reputation dragged through the mud... then tell THEM why you won't go up there and do what you can to put away someone who is likely to rape some poor girl down the road.

Dunno, maybe I'm supposed to be supportive or something here, but I have been TOO God DAMNED close to this shit. There are situations where I have little tolerance or mercy and this is precisely one of them.

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