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Freaky Symptom of the day #1

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;) Just in case

I have this re-occuring symptom fairy often, but hav'nt been able to describe it well enough out loud, so I'm going to try and write it in a post that I can print up if needs be.

It is a depersonalization thing, I think. Usually it's my left arm and hand. Sometimes it is various parts of my body. It feels like one part or more than one part of my body belongs to some one else. My Right hand feels like it isn't my hand and touching any part of me with it, feel just like another person touching me. It's creepy.

Does this happen to any one else? Do you know what it's called?It's one of those happy little MI perks that I'd just as soon ditch, if possible

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I've had something like that. Parts of my body will feel entirely foreign and I'll just LOOK at this hand on the desk and wonder at it, knowing that it should be me. It just isn't. I can follow the visual lines of body part to body part to core, but even then does any part of my body belong to me, or am I just riding around in this big moving machine like in so many Supervillain In Evil Robot cartoons, looking out these windows-for-eyes? I don't know if there's a super-specific name for this aspect of depersonalization, but hey. That's my experience.

It feels like one part or more than one part of my body belongs to some one else.

From your post one thing is a little bit unclear to me: do you feel as though your left arm really belongs to someone else, like another person or personality is controlling it, or does it just feel like it's not yours? I assume the latter, but if I misinterpreted I apologize.

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i posted a while back about how sometimes my face would feel like that. not mine. usually it felt like it would morph into someone elses, who i know,

i think i used to experience the body parts or entire body feeling foreign,

lately not so much. maybe the AP has turned that off for me.

don't know what it's called either.

but i know when i experienced it i would want to do everything i could to shake the feeling.

sort of like wanting to jump up and down and be silly just to interrupt a deja vu - except sometimes the deja vu included having deja vu.

there could be actually nerve stuff going on, Panz, which would then translate into feeling parts of the body strangely. i don't know really, but it's probably something to describe to a dr - FP/GP or something, if pdoc doesn't think anything of it.

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