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yeah, i am out of sorts today so i am a posting fool, sorry. it's helping me not think about all the ways i could end the pain yanno?

anyway so like, new skins, how do we get em? do we have to buy them? to they have to be created? hwat program? like front page or something? is there like a how to skins guide? If a member wanted to make or bu one and donate it to the site could they do that?

i dont know.

there's a mess of papers all over this room that weren't here when i walked in this morning. i can;t seem to make sense of them, and then i had this little thougth about the skins, and i had some focus! weeeee

feel free to ignore me. i am used to it. they been doing it since i was a baby. oooo nooo naughty tears come a knocking.

someone help me ..! (said like the guy on the commercial who is in debt up to his eyeballs, and yes i watch too much tv)

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You dont do anything. I do.

I have seven themes installed right now. I don't want to add anymore without gitting rid of the current ones.

IPB has its own absurdly complex custom XML theme format that exists only to alow a couple dozen professionsal IPB theme developers to make a living. Threre are maybe 100 free themes available for download. Those are what we have. Custom ones can cost over $1000

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I love seeing the differences in skins

still love the default with the pink elephant best...so far

Was searching for a thread that mentioned stars and rating threads I can't find it.

But was wondering about rating posts instead

there are post I come across that are so enlightening or educational --to me anyway

that I would like to rate the post itself

only so that I could sort by 'highest rated' posts and get re-educated

yep can you tell I NEED me sum mo edUkaychun

random post over and out

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thanks ka-mai

I'm LOVING the valentines I saw when logging in

where are they now

is it a skin???

also when you activate a search is there a selection based on star ratings? Only because I like to make VE work

not really, just wondering

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remember christmas?

i'm working on something evil, but i haven't really got anything that's grabbing me yet.

maybe it's cause i'm in loooove too.

i'm taking the fist clutching dripping black heart idea under artistic advisement.

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The pink...the reds...the little hearts everywhere....


Woke my ass up this morning, that's for sure.

NO shit! For a minute there I thought the site had been hi-jacked by one of those {{{{hugs}}}} sites that litter the intarweb.


edited for grammar

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So, inquiring minds are dying to know - are you in love, VE? Otherwise I can't imagine that you'd sign on for a pink and heart filled skin. I also thought the site had been hijacked and was expecting someone to tell me to just feel happy and blessed and everything would be fine. That always tends to make me homicidal, which I suppose is an improvement over suicidal.....

Personally I prefer nice plain skins, but I'm not in love, either, so that may have some effect on my reaction. Will staring at pink hearts improve our mood? Maybe you can get some federal funding to find out. But pink background notwithstanding, I do appreciate all your hard work keeping this place up and running.

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well I still like the pink elephant

but so it's sicky sweet to some

there's FOUR others to choose from

you could always add a mad hatter or caterpillar's puffs from pipe being the hearts or kEeeeeeeppppppppppp the hearts

ah don'treally care just listening to techno music and getting a leetle catchy manic

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It will be gone after valentines day.

The toilet seat or the skin?

LMFGDAO! You've been hanging out in the autie forum too much!!!

**imagines VE's girlfriend with a shiney hiney from the disappeared seat**


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