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"Summer lovin, had me a blast"

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Sorry for the" grease" lyric, but...

So who has had one? A holiday love? That guy/girl you meet on holidays and they are just perfect in everyway. but for some reason you cant be together. The days and nights of endless fun and the heartache when it all ends when its time for one of u to go home?

I had one. i went to bali. i fell in love with a local. and he with me. we spent all day and night together. we did everything together, i even held him while he grieved a friends death. but i had to go home, he nearly missed me leaving, he chased my bus to the airport down on his motorbike and came on board to kiss me good-bye. just like the movies.

we made plans that i would go back and he would come here eventually. i saved and worked my butt off for 2 months when i came home to get the 3grand to go back for a few months. then i had my first ever manic episode.

i lost all my money, not to mention my common sense, in less then 2 weeks. i have no idea where he is now and how to contact him. when i was "high" on bipolar i stopped taking phone calls from everyone, i went off into my own little world which included none of my past. therefore somewhere i lost him.

i see him in my dreams now. that is it :-(

today i sent an snail mail letter to his old address. doubt i will hear anything back. he could be long gone by now , he could be anywhere, with anyone now. i dont know.

Moral of the story....

Love holiday romances while they last.

If it can be something more, make it work as best you can, so you have no regrets like me.

i wish, hope and pray i could find him one day.

Please if you have a holiday romance story or want to comment on mine please share with me. thanks

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when i was "high" on bipolar
I like this. Like BP is a drug. It is a chemical reaction so why not?

A few years ago I had a few summer flings. Or I was just a slut for a few months. Whatever. It actually started in March, after I had broken up with a 4yr BF. During our relationship I had lost a bunch of weight so I was not only single for the first time in awhile, I was skinny for the first time ever. And buff and blonde. I was smokin'.

There was the married guy (f***ed him not knowing he was married).

The no-chin guy. (2x)

The random college guy. (1x)

The belizean eco-tourism shaman guy.(1x)

The ridulously hot Dept of Homeland Security guy.(1x)

That guy from that party. (1x)

The erectile disfunctional, probably in the closet guy.(sort of 1x)

And those were just the ones that I slept with. There were at least 3 more that were make out sessions only, and 1 that was all but f***ing. Big ol' Ho' was I. But man did I have fun. It was probably a love affair with myself. And it was fleeting. ;)

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thanks for your story supergwen looks like we are the only lucky two that have had this.

i got an email from him today. my letter managed to find him in bali.

he gave me his mobile number so now we can message each other again.

its like it is a sign cause i was feeling really down and depressed like i should cut myself cause i feel so un loved and now i got the email. it is so strange how that happens.

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IV- that's great! congrats! i hope it works out for you two. that's such a romantic story ;)

i was 16 and in germany on a class trip. there was this really hot guy there i met through my host family, and it got pretty hot pretty fast.

we ended up making out in the back of my host student's car all night the night before i left. he ended up coming over twice to the US to visit me.

but then i fell for one of his friends and this guy and i became just friends, but he was always jealous.

i had a great time with that short courtship and great make-out session!

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