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i've gone through all the ACs and AAPs to put a ceiling on my mania issue. now i'm on risperdal and it has raised my prolactin to the point where i'm lactating and have many new mother bodily symptoms. it is plain freaky. oh yeah, and the pharm rep told my pnurse that there is some other drug that can control the lactation, so i'm going to be trying that with the risp. yet another possible help or hinderance.

i do take lamictal and really do wonder if it would be enough to hold back a manic episode. we haven't tried that yet.

i'm thinking about if i should stay on risperdal. after all, it seems to be my last hope.

i rejected seroquel because it gave me EPS and made me a zombie (EPS controlled by inderal though)

abilify- mixed episodes

zyprexa- dairy queen woman gained 30lbs in 3 weeks

old stuff

lithium- makes me really stupid and my hair falls out

topamax- makes me really stupid, agitated, insomnia, and my hair falls out

other ACs- make me so tired i feel like i could fall asleep while drivng (very unsafe for me)

what is there to fall back on? i've tried Haldol too and it just knocked me out. i have a feeling they're either going to go back to lithium or dig into regular antipsychotics, or ask me to try seroquel again. in fact, i may be begging for seroquel depending on what they suggest. with inderal the worst can be controlled.


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What other ACs have you tried? There are tons of them out there.

Going back to Lithium sounds like an option, if you can cope with the side effects. I vaguely remember reading it worked for you?

But if your prolactin levels are not dangerously high, I would say hang on to Risperdal. Don't mess with a working cocktail.

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