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Not an official Eating Disorder

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I hope it's ok for me to post here.  I don't have an "official" ED diagnosis according to my GP, although I'm waiting for a consult with a psychiatrist to talk things through further.  I was diagnosed with "disordered eating" last summer, and was put in a hospital where I was essentially forced to eat.  Before that point I had barely been eating due to GI difficulties, I started limiting my food because I was convinced food was making me ill (it had nothing to do with weight loss).  However, I was overweight and ended up losing 50lbs which did make me happy.  While in the hospital I worked with a dietician who I continued to see regularily and started eating more "normally" again. 

My weight remained steady and I have been able to maintain the loss, but now I'm totally consumed with fear of gaining weight.  The thing is, my doctors don't seem concerned at all because I'm not underweight (I'm 5'4 and 135lbs) and I'm eating.  I don't eat alot by any means and to be honest, I only eat because my live-in boyfriend knows about my problems and makes sure that I eat.  However, I can't stand the constant fear of weight gain.  Every time I put something in my mouth I'm afraid it's going to make me fat, and I've noticed I've started restricting myself again.  I definately don't eat the normal amount of calories I should be getting.  plus, I've started to exercise more and more despite the fact that sometimes I feel like I'm totally over-doing it.

So, I'm not sure if it's actually an Eating Disorder, or maybe just the beginnings of one, but I'm definately finding it distressing and thought I could potentially get some advice here ;)



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Dear GreenGal,

I am still a somewhat compulsive exercizer, and I am very careful about what I eat.

When I was younger, this was much more acute, and was probably close to an eating disorder.

If not an ED, what you describe sounds like a lot of anxiety. I think if it continues, or worsens, it will begin to interfere with your life. Then it is a problem, regardless of your weight.

It's worth talking about to someone. I would want to keep the weight loss too. I think you should, but there has to be a way for it not to drive you crazy.

Take care,


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Things are usually classified as a disorder once they begin to interfere with your daily functioning in an ongoing manner.  It doesn't sound like it's that far along yet.  However, what you are going through doesn't sound very pleasent.  It doesn't have to cross-over into a full blown eating disorder for you to get help.  In fact, it would be best if you could do something BEFORE it becomes an eating disorder.  It would certainly be much easier to deal with now than it would be after.  I just hope that whoever you talk to feels the same way.

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underweight is over-hyped as a criterion for an eating disorder.

there are people at higher weights who are much, much sicker than i.

there are people at lower weights who are a lot "better" than i am.

if you feel concerned enough to mention it, it's an eating issue.

advice?  your pysch / dr / therapist / whatever probably won't want to talk directly about what you're doing, unless you're in medical danger.  rather, try and figure out why you feel the need to restrict, to shrink, to loser weight.

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