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Books For Your Family And Friends

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Some books about depression and mental illness in general for family and friends. I make no commentary on content, I haven't read them.

Remember, if you're going to buy a book -- go through VE's Amazon link!


Books for Family and Friends

Living with Mental Illness


What to do When Someone You Love is Depressed

Mitch Golant, Susan K. Golant


Talking to Depression: Simple Ways to Connect When Someone in Your

Life is Depressed

Martha Manning

ISBN: 0451209869

When Someone You Love is Depressed

Laura Rosen, Xavier Amador

ISBN: 0684834073

Depression Fallout: The Impact of Depression Couples and What You

Can do to Preserve the Bond

Anne Sheffield

ISBN: 0060009349

How you can Survive When They're Depressed: Living and Coping with

Depression Fallout

Anne Sheffield

ISBN: 0609804154

Hand-Me-Down Blues: How to Keep Depression from Spreading in Families

Michael Yapco

ISBN: 158238021X

Mental Illness In General

General Information:

When Your Family Is Living With Mental Illness

Marcia Lund

ISBN: 0806644230

The Burden of Sympathy: How Families Cope with Mental Illness

David A. Karp

ISBN: 0195152441

When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness

Rebecca Woolis


Strategies to Cope:

I am Not Sick I Don't Need Help!

Xavier Amador, Anna-Lica Johanson

ISBN: 0967718902

How to Live With a Mentally Ill Person: A Handbook of Day-To-Day Strategies

Christine Adamec

ISBN: 0471114197

Helping Someone With Mental Illness

Rosalynn Carter and Susan M. Golant

ISBN: 0812928989

Hidden Victims, Hidden Healers: An Eight Stage Healing Process for

Family and Friends of the Mentally Ill

Julie T. Johnson

ISBN: 0964043009

How to Cope With Mental Illness in Your Family: A Self-Care Guide

for Siblings, Offspring, and Parents

Diane T. Marsh, Rex M. Dickens

ISBN: 0874779235

When Madness Comes Home : Help and Hope for Families of the Mentally Ill

Victoria Secunda


Understanding and Living With People Who Are Mentally Ill:

Techniques to Deal With Mental Illness in the Family

James E. Soukup

ISBN: 0398059497

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