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Antidepressant-augmented Depakote ... Which AD?

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My body doesn't seem to be cut out for 3 out of the 4 maniline moodstabilizers. After my kidneys freaked out on Lithium, my liver and allergic system on Tegretol, I just tried Lamictal. Even though I'd been on it up to 50 in the past with nothing, I had a pretty strong allergic response at just 5 mg/day. A lot of above-the-neck itching, and more worrisomely, in-the-mucous-membranes itching/burning.

So this leaves me staring at Depakote. Now, I've been on that before and I ended up more depressed (I'm BP II to begin) and a little congitively dulled. (Tegretol, and even more so Lamictal, did the opposite.) Maybe my experience will be different this time, especially starting at a very low dose.

But I think I'm going to need to sandwich my mood between Depakote and some sort of AD. I'm especially interested in stories from people who've been similarly down in mood when doing Depakote monotherapy. Has anyone one had experience on Depakote+AD combos? Did it end up working?

Also, is there a preferred AD to try with Depakote? I'm waffling about Wellbutrin. In my mind the pros are: potentially counteracts Depakote anergia, helps with smoking cessation, maybe pro-cognitive. The con is that I've been on it way back at the beginning as monotherapy and felt strung-out anxious on it. I wonder if the Depakote would mitigate that...

Anyway, any thought would be much appreciated.



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