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Generic Wellbutrin SR vs Brand SR

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Hi. I'm currently taking Wellbutrin SR (brand). I was taking Wellbutrin XL, but it didn't work for me. I don't think my body was absorbing it. Seriously. Wellbutrin SR has kicked in, and I've been on it for a few months now. Nothing miraculous, but I can feel it helping in there, which is more than I can say for XL. XL was like nicotineless cigarettes. Or, like smoking on the patch. Or, like smoking on Wellbutrin.

Anyway. Although Wellbutrin SR is available as a generic now, I opted for brand, since I didn't want to take any chances as far as the medicine not working as well as it possibly can. Subsequently, my insurance has changed and brand medications are extremely expensive.

I've searched the boards, and all I can seem to find are comparisons between generic Wellbutrin SR and brand Wellbutrin XL. What about Wellbutrin SR - brand vs generic? Anyone?

Forgive me if this has already been answered. I am depressed, and so, it is, like, hard to think.

O - I'll add a second question then: Has anyone ever had Wellbutrin be very successful as an antidepressant, gone off of Wellbutrin and then go back on, only to have it not be the miracle it once was?


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I wandered around the net for you (I have insomnia anyway) looking for info on this issue, and there really doesn't seem to be much at all. Things that came closest were anecdotal comments on the generic being more activating (upping anxiety, agitation etc) than the brand name.

Anyway, I was interested to see this post because I'm about to ask a question on the same issue, just regarding lamictal rather than WB.

IMO, unless there are serious financial concerns or medical aid problems, it's probably safer to stick to brand name meds in any case. Of course I'm not saying that all generics are bad, just that other factors come into play when a generic is being made.

Sorry I can't be more helpful!


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