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Money Crap


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I am so broke.  So so so broke.

So the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING WONDERFUL news is that Delilah (my cat) is coming home tonight.  She had a massive infection that required surgery and a couple nights at the vet...it was really touch and go there for awhile.  But she's getting better. 

I hate to even THINK about this stuff when I should just be grateful that she's okay.  But the bill is $790.90.  I have to write a check when I get in there, because I have awful credit and don't qualify for their payment plan thing.

The financial aid office gave me $810 to live off of for the month and a half that I'm going to be in Eugene going to school.  Actually, they only gave me $381.  They're giving me the rest at the end of July. 

So I had to ask my parents to loan me $600.  They're doing it, but they're having to take out a loan to do it.  They say they don't mind, but I know they do.  So I asked for the absolute bare minimum I thought I could use to survive.  I spent $100 on books.  Bills are going to be $70.  That leaves me $40 to spend on groceries, gas, toothpaste, etc... EVERYTHING for the next month.

I owe so many people money it's ridiculous.  I have a bunch of bills that have been sent to collection.  I meant to pay them a long time ago, but never got the checks out.  Now I don't open them because I literally do not have even $5 to send them.  Most of these are hospital bills- either for the emergency room suicide attempt bills from last December or the bills from my tumor sugery from the December before that.

I just had to call my therapist and leave a message on her voicemail telling her that I can't go anymore because I can't afford my $15 copay.  She might let me wait a few months to pay, but I'm not sure. 

I'm supposed to be making an appointment for my psychiatrist, but I can't afford that copay either.  And it's been a year and a half since my tumor surgery and I never went back to get x-rays, even though I'm supposed to have them every 6 months.  I can't afford them.

I could potentially get a job, but I'm already so overwhelmed, and I'm only going to be here for 4 weeks. 

I don't know what to do.  I don't have any credit cards, because I have horrible credit.  I've already maxed the amount of money my parents will give me.  I don't have a job.  I don't have anything worth any money that I could sell.

I've spent over $1300 at the vet in the past 3 months.  $1300!!!!  I can't afford food, I can't afford the rent/deposit it's going to take to get my sister and I to rent a house for next September. 

I can't stop crying, and I feel like the biggest asshole ever.  Because Delilah is OKAY and that's all that should matter.  But I don't know how I'm going to feed her.


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I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this.  The only thing I can advise so that you can at least eat is to apply for "general assistance" at your local DES office and if you get it, it'll be about $180. a month.

But I'm happy to hear your cat is well.  I love my cat so much and I know I couldn't afford any vet bills right now but I'd find a way if I had too.  You should feel good that you managed to do what you needed to do.   

I hope your situation improves and my heart goes out to you.

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It definitely sucks to be poor.  I wish I could help you out somehow  ;)

In PA students qualify for public assistance (cash, food, medical).  Have you checked with your state's department of welfare?  Not that this will help you out overseas...but maybe it could tide you over until then, or be a viable option for when you return home.

Maybe Catholic Charities?  I pay a low flat fee for electric and gas every month through them.  Also, some telecom. companies offer reduced monthly phone rates if you meet their qualifications. You might want to check with all your utility companies about assistance for low-income customers. 

Check out the list of participating hospitals at the Hill-Burton site: http://www.hrsa.gov/osp/dfcr/about/aboutdiv.htm

The link is near the bottom of the page.  Also, Catholic hospitals are a good bet.  I think they all have no-cost/low-cost programs for those who meet certain criteria. 

Those are all the possibilities I can think of at the moment...

Hey, anyone in your shoes would feel the same way.  I'm glad to hear that Delilah is home safe and sound and recovering, I know it's a tremendous relief for you (I don't doubt that for a moment), but financial woes can upset the hardiest, most optimistic souls.  You're being awfully hard on yourself; I'm sure Delilah would say the same if she could talk (and were coherent enough to). 

:::Hugs::: and good thoughts!

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Hey Becca,

I'm right there with you in poorness...I have no income, living off house proceeds which are fastly dispearing. credit card bills, student loans going unpaid and calls all the time, which i just hang up on them.

HOWEVER...my sister went to college in Oregon. and apparently she got all kinds of govt help like for living expenses, food, etc. it wasn't loans. it may have been the big "w" - welfare. but she said EVERYONE at her college was doing the same thing.

This was also in the late 90's. so, i dont know if OR is still that "helpful."

anyway, you might want to check it out.

Good Luck!!! and I'm sitting right next to you on the poor train,


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Guest Bloodyberry (again I neglect to

Money woes....ack... I've been there too.

Okay, so, where do you live?  I remember being a college student and living off of 12 dollars a month for food at least. 

1.) Bakeries have day-old bread sales.  Stock up

2.) food kitchens might also have pantries.  Take their stuff.  If you max out on wht they allow you to take, offer to also take all the crap they can't get rid of and that's been sitting around forever.  Don't look, don't judge, just collect it all and take it home.  Sort through it at home (toss out any expired products of things with dents... you may as well not court botulism)

3.) Farmer's markets at the end of the day, if you press, tend to be willing to sell their stuff at cheaper prices. 

You have a freezer?  Use it.  Throw in those farmers' veggies, that day old bread, anything you know you won't eat right away and will spoil. 

Coupons coupons coupons.



And: (Note: I make no guarantee if you have to join any clubs for certain items, or if you'll be spammed later, so read the fine print before filling out the forms for stuff like Blistiks)




(there are also sites for free pet food samples and products)

And, pet stores sometimes carry food samples to grab up.   

Yes those Pepsi cans are only worth 5 cents, but half a dozen will at least buy you a packet of Ramen noodles.  A few more will get you some eggs.  Throw in some veggies and you have a healthy meal. 

Find out if, as you are a student, if there's a discount ifyou have your ID.  Doesn't matter where you go, just ask; grocery stores, gyms, restaurants, etc...

Campus' also tend to have vendors setting up booths.  The vendors usually have stuff like pens, candy, paper pads.... go for it. 

Cafeterias and restaurants have napkins, plastic ware, ketchup packets... sneak a few. 

And even if you get out of the woes here in terms of money, don't be afraid to shore up a bit against the event of another down time. 

If you like, Becca, you can PM me a mailing address.  I think I could toss you could get it over by Priority Mail. 

Seriously.... only if you want. 

Someone helped me out when I needed it.  I'm not rolling in dough, but I remember being in a position like yours, and spending a couple dollars to help you out won't do much damage to my budget. 

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