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VPN fucked up

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I was sick of the Windows firewall and decided to install a free one. Can't remember what it was called, but it seemed reliable. For some reason I uninstalled it later, probably cause it took up too much memory or something. Or I had problem with installing it, can't remember. I had trouble uninstalling and had to remove a lot of files manually.

Since then, it says I'm not connected to the Virtual Private Network (I connect to the internet via my dad's computer). The weird thing is, internet works. MSN messenger, DC, SmartFTP... everything. Except firefox and Internet Explorer, which will work for a random amount time and then decide to stop working and try to connect to the internet. If I restart it, it usally works again. Sometimes for five seconds, sometimes for half an hour.

I checked all my settings and they seem to be in order. I tried connecting to the VPN. I tried setting up a new network one. Nope.

When looking at my dad's network settings it says his computer doesn't allow other computers to connect to it. But I don't know how to change that. Plus, my dad won't let me mess around with his computer because the problem is MY computer.

Turning on and off the Windows firewall doesn't have any effect.

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I can be online on IE or Firefox, but after a random time (could be up to two hours) it'll stop loading sites and try to connect me. If I restart the program it usually works again.

Windows XP on both computers, and they are connected via a virtual private network. In the network settings it says I'm not connected to the network.

I'm on my computer now.

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