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Anyone on here have any expereience of the older med Fluanxol ?

Also known as flupentixol

Fluanxol /flupentixol have never been approved in the US, though they appear to be available in CAN/UK/NZ

Others in the drug class Thioxanthenes are:

Navane / thiothixene, available in US as tabs/inject, The brand name Intensol was discontinued.

Tarastan / chlorprothixene was discontinued in the US.


[edit] BTW, Welcome Bluebeard! Feel free to post. If you need help, Pm any of the mods. Cheers.

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I was on Fluanxol for more than a year. I took it for mood stabilization, since I didn't have psychotic symptoms then. I loved it. For me it worked as an antidepressant, when I was sliding down my pdoc would raise the dose and within two days I was feeling better. I remember reading somewhere it's prescribed as an antidepressant in UK. Before Fluanxol I had only been on antidepressants, and Fluanxol REALLY helped with the ten-times-a-day mood swings. It was the first med that I really felt working, not just numb me down like antidepressants.

It was completely side-effect free for me, but that may vary of course.

It's not very potent for psychosis though. Used for schizophrenia the dose is 8-10 mg I think, and that's gonna give you side effects. And with other more potent drugs out there, it's not really prescribed for psychosis anymore.

I was up to 5 mg when I stopped it (because I needed something more potent), but even 0.5 mg made a difference.

What are you taking it for?

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I was first handed fluanxol in rehab - for some reason they were convinced that it would suppress cravings. Really did NOTHING for me, both then and when I finally got my BP1 dx. But good luck - one thing we all know here is that everyone's mileage varies - your experience on a med may be totally opposite to mine. So I do hope it helps you.

Welcome to CB


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