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Welcome to the boards Jag! I hope you will like it here. It is funny how many things people have in common. I am 45 and met my husband online. I have kids though, they are grown.

I am BP II and have been on many meds like a lot of us here. I am trying to get disability. I worked but I guess I wasn't doing as good as I thought.

But, I just wanted to stop and say Hi! and welcome.

Sondra ;)

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Hi Jag!

Well that was a nice intro..I'm glad some folks don't mind sharing things about themselves.  I'm always curious about the people who share a similar life...what they go through, how they cope.  I think it's awesome that you met your hubby online and you guys got married.  I've always felt the internet is a good place to meet someone and get to know them really well before you meet them in real life.  You and he are proof of that! 

You mentioned you had a cocktail that works for you.  Mind sharing that?  I've been working on mine for years and have never had one that worked for me as well as I'd like it to.  Maybe I expect too much from meds, huh?

Nice meeting you!


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Thank you for the welcome..... I appreciate it....

sirwriter you asked about my cocktail..

celexa 40 mg

wellbutrin 300 mg

neurontin 2400 mg

abilify 15 mg

ambien 10 mg to help me sleep, and thank good the docs listened to me and don't give me hell about taking it everynite.

so there ya go...

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Guest PinkToo2grrl

Welcome Jag!

We share a lot of commonalities.  I too self-medicated through my 20s, and have had issues with depression since childhood.  I also am 40-ahem something.  I do still work, but most days I wonder how I manage and why I haven't been fired.  I seem to be lucky at finding companies that can deal with me and my strangeness.  ::shrug::

Enuff about me, glad to see you here, and I hope you find the same wealth of information and support here that I have.


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