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Ok, maybe I *will* keep the Keppra...

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Two weeks on it at 500mg 2x daily gave me a couple muscle twitches and the odd emotion-flash, but no deja vu or other noticeable at the time weird stuff aside from the somewhat out of it feeling when I started it that was probably more just because of the drug.  The couple weeks on the clonazepam before that I hadn't had any muscle twitches, so because it was cheaper, I went back to it for maybe a week or so...everything seemed fine (though I was somewhat sleepier) until people started saying they said things to me I swore they never did, and other memory issues that also point to the possibility of me just being not quite there at the time, which didn't happen on the Keppra.

So, expensive as it is, I've gone back to it and feel a bit more alive and less stupid than on the clonazepam, I'm assuming even if the muscle twitches are more irritating to me than the not being all there stuff (since I'm not there to notice it), it's probably safer (and more conducive to learning - a month of my 6 week vacation is school sort of stuff, and I'll be expected to remember things) to twitch every so often while being all there up there, than to space out/miss wake up calls/have no idea what I did between point A and point B, particularly if I'm in a foreign country?  Since at the moment, it seems that I have to pick one of them...

I'm on the waiting list for an EEG and such, and I've got backup Klonopin to take with me just in case, but any other adjustments will have to wait til I get back in August.  Strange how I went from "This drug doesn't really do much" to "Until I can safely try something new, you can have my Keppra when you pry it from my cold dead hands!" in the space of a week...don't notice it when it *is* working, only when it stops working when I stop taking it.

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I'm so glad that you're doing well on Keppra.

Like you, when it was working, for the most part I didnt really NOTICE it till it started, um, NOT working (in my case, when I went too high on it...ack)...and then man did I suffer from discontinuation.

Really, I am SO GLAD you found a med that works--and on the first try. So much less stupifying than benzos.



Well, it doesn't *completely* work, it's "pick which way you'd prefer to spazz out", but compared to *not* getting the choice, it seems to be quite an improvement, all there but occasionally twitching vs. not being all there and doing god only knows what...I'll be happy if I never have a "stealth assignment" I only find out about when it's due again!

Now, if only I could find my other wallet, I'd be *really* happy!

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