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Cut down Lexapro dose to 2.5mg

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I thought this was really strange. I posted about a week or so ago about how I was weening off Lexapro..I had been on 10mg for about 2 years (approx.), and I cut my dose down to 5mg. Felt no difference whatsoever. So last weekend, I said what the heck, let me cut my dose again to 2.5mg...STILL feel no different! Is this normal? Don't get me wrong, I am greatful that I'm not experiencing the horrid withdrawals I read about, but I thought I would have felt something by now! ;)

I had been feeling for the last few months that the Lex wasn't really working anymore anyway..

Either way, I am happy that so far it has been a smooth ride..

Now I am waiting for this damn weight to start coming off. Maybe since I am on such a low dose, it will start happening soon? :wishful thinking: :)

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i've taken paxil and it's cousin, lexapro.

the lex, for me, was MUCH easier to get off of. i never experienced any withdrawls, except maybe a slight headache that went away with some tylenol. i had been taking 20mg, lowered to 10, and then 5, and then nothing. the withdrawl wasn't very gradual either. i was basically ripped off of it and managed to get through with hardly any symptoms.

i think i must have been lucky. it didn't bother me at all, except the headaches, even a few days later. i had gone right from paxil to lex, so the weight came off when i ended lex. i lost about 5 lbs in a month just by stopping my SSRI. i'm sure that when i restart paxil, if i do (and it is currently up in the air due to some depression), then i'm sure i'll probably regain some weight and have to hit the gym a bit.

i hope you have the same experience i did, and lose more weight than i did, as much as you gained from using the drug and more if you want to. i know SSRIs pack on a few pounds!


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