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just told add is my issue with anxiety though - help?

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This pdoc tells me that we will be looking at one of the gold standards for "add". does anyone have opinions around taking something like:

Cybmalta or prozac with concerta or ritalin?

He says I am anxious which I am and pretty good to. But he wants me to take something that is proven and works quick for add because the only way to know for sure is if I take a good med as opposed to something like wellbutrin that might or might not work, and he didn't seem sold on strattera. I am not sure what is bugging me but I am afraid of stimulants because I am anxious: I drink a coffee and sometimes my anxiety sucks big time from just that

So how is concerta or ritalin, anyone have anxiety that they use klonopin for but also have add that they use something like ritalin or concerta for?

anyone work out alot at the gym or exercise with these meds? I am worried about the sudden death having a family and all


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