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Lithium and Lamictal and More, Oh my!

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So, I've tried the two major meds - Lithium & Lamictal. However, even though they helped, I wasn't able to stay on them.

I was on the Lithium first, for depression and suicidal thoughts. It helped a great deal with just the first pill. But - it also gave me really bad tremors...enough for people to really notice. I couldn't perform my job like that, and my pdoc didn't want to add a med to counter it. So she took me off.

Then she added Lamictal for general mood & to use instead of the Lithium. It helped me as well in the beginning. But then, I got a type of tired insomnia & anxiety that made depression much much worse. So, I got off that one pretty quickly.

Now, we're trying the AAP's. But so far they haven't helped any more than the mood stabilizers.

Aside from that, I also suffer from aches and pains. These can, and do, get bad enough that just the slightest touch will cause pain. I know that they're related to the depression and to the amount of sleep I get. The worse the depression, and the less sleep I get - the more it hurts. I've self-treated before with Wellbutrin & l-tryosine (in addition to my Cymbalta), and that helped. But, now I see that some mood stabilizers can have the same effect.

So, I was wondering; What would be a good third mood stabilizer to try?

Does anyone have any suggestions for one that works like the other two, but also helps with the pain?

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Keppra is in trials (I think) for some pain management.

But the thing that sucks is it may cause some really killer depression.

I think it's mainly for those who have a shitload of mania.

Sorry I'm not much help.

But did the pain get worse w//Lamictal?'

If so then it may be Musculoskeletal pain that is being caused or amplified by the Lamictal?

Just a thought.

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Thanks guys. I appreciate the input. (Lost internet when I moved; just got it back)

It seems Depakote will be next in line then.

The pain didn't get any worse with the Lamictal, but the depression did... alot worse. The pain 'did' get worse when I was on the Lexapro though - hence the l-tryosine.

I could try Lithium again sometime.. with something to control the tremor. I still have a bottle full, so I could always do prn if I needed to, since it helps with just a single pill.

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