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Didja ever notice


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that the vast majority of people will claim to be your friend, as long as you are behaving within the parameters of their definition of "acceptable" behavior. But, the minute you step outside that box, even if it is to do something beneficial for yourself (a thing you would think a true friend would be supportive of), they turn their backs, and/or condemn you, and/or abandon you.

people really do suck for the most part. they are shallow, selfish, egotistical pieces of shit.

god i just hate people. mysanthropy doesn't even come close. i meet people, i give them the benefit of the doubt. i believe their lies ... and then, inevitably, they all fall miserably down.

if you don't like me for who i am, and can't accept me faults included it's very simple ...

FUCK YOU, you arrogant condescending piece of shit. I am a good person, and it's YOUR loss baby that you don't see it.

where's my cabin in the woods so i can be a hermit?

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a really good example of people sucking/not being your friend when you need them is with MI. as soon as you share a DX, people who are "friends" run for the hills. they may be depressed or have anxiety or whatever themselves, and be in denial about it, or even on medication and still bail on you. such hypocrites.

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