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rozerem - not sure where to put this?

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i've taken it with mixed results...there's a sleep meds thread on it if you'd like to see it, it is lower down in the topic.

sunshine is a good person to talk to about liking it.

my results have been mixed, as i said. i always had to take 16mg and not 8mg, so 2 of them instead of 1, and it took forever to kick in. i'd be here on CB or doing something else on the computer, waiting for it to kick in (which took forever) before going to bed. blah.

i liked it for helping me stay asleep. i sometimes wake up with panic attacks, but this stuff kept me pretty soundly asleep.

i disliked it for taking forever to kick in and for sometimes not kicking in at all. sometims it just didn't work at all. my pdoc said i could take up to 3 of them, so i have before, and sometimes it doesn't help at all.

so i'd try them for awhile to see how you react to it and if you like it. a lot of people particularly hate the stuff, and some others, like me, are mixed about it. there are some who like it too.

i'd say give it a go. don't be afraid to ask your pdoc if you can take more than 8mg (one pill) if you have to.


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I have a hunch that Rozerem isn't going to work at all for people who have issues maintaining sleep due to lack of deep sleep.

At least given that it acts like melatonin. Melatonin tends more to increase REM/dream sleep than it does deep sleep (but some people do need this effect). Its biggest similarity to the hypnotics is that it makes you fall asleep faster.

Melatonin was a trainwreck for me (I already had excessive REM to begin with), and it gave me nights of nothing but vivid dreams, sleep paralysis, and drenching night sweats. After a couple days, I also started getting really depressed for some reason.

But, it doesn't look like depression was a huge issue in the clinical trials for Rozerem, so my issue probably won't apply to you (either because Rozerem acts slightly differently than melatonin, or that your brain's biochemistry is different from mine). In any event, consider what kind of insomnia you really have, and then talk to your doctor.

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I love it (16 mg here). But I haven't been able to ditch the hypnotics yet.

I wasn't getting any REM sleep before I went on it - even with up to 20 mg of Ambien. Since taking the Rozerom (about a year, I think), I'm actually dreaming again. Yes, they are often bizzare and vivid, but aren't they usually?

I love the commercials, by the way.

My pdoc said every single one of his hard-core insomniac patients has been helped by the stuff. But at 2-3 times the recommended 8 mg dose.

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Believe it or not, sitting around a card table playing cards with Abe Lincoln and a gopher-type creature is fairly exhausting, if you spend all 8 hours a night doing that. It's more refreshing to just remain awake the whole night than it is to suffer from a constant, fitful, sweaty dreaming sleep.

Lunesta is tentatively working just fine for me, so I doubt I'll have to even as much as consider Rozerem anytime soon.

But yeah, it's expected that Rozerem would increase your dream sleep, and in your case that's a good thing. Everybody's mileage varies, anyways.

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Yeah... I definitely wouldn't want to have dreams like that ALL night!

I was a bit of a disturbed child since way back when, I'd have 8 hours of nightmares each night. But yes, back to chewbacca's regularly-scheduled post...

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