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Hi All,

I am currently on an antibiotic - cephalexin - for a urinary track infection (UTI). I did not know i had the infection until i did a urine test for my pregnancy. prior to taking this stuff, i had no burning, no pain, no itching, nothing that would make me run to the doctor. I didnt know i had one.

apparently its typical in pregnancy. and the only reason im taking these damn drugs is because of my little embryo. i have to be a good host.

If i was not preggers - I would definitely not be taking antibiotics. they mess me up - doesnt matter what strength, what name, nothing. I have every side effect. lately its been detemining the difference between "stomach upset" to the call-the-doctor "severe stomach ache and cramps."

my mom says the difference is if i couldnt walk. ok....

I know there are a lot of people here that love antibiotics, or that always follow the rules when it comes to what the doctor says & prescribes. or that love western ideas in medicine.

im not one of those people. yes, i take my crazymeds. but for other stuff...i dont. or i take alternative therapies.

you can preach to me all the wonderful things antibiotics have done for the human race - as well as for animals, etc. I dont disagree. I do believe that antibiotics are still severely overprescribed. and the day will come when antibiotics wont work anymore.

I wish i had enough concentration to research and come up with a powerful & effective alternative to antibiotics. the kind of answer that would stimulate much change.

so for now...i take it because im pregnant and i dont want to fight with my obgyn. if i was not - i'd be taking probiotics like acidophilus and also be taking a form of cranberry higher than the concentrate found in juice.

so for now its the antibiotics & yogurt.

btw - this is me ranting...i needed to get this out.

thanks for reading,


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Maybe the obgyn wanted to clear the bugs before they multiplied and got out of hand. I once had the worst crippling pains from a UTI, and extreme pain on urinating. Believe me you don't want to let it get to that stage.

The cranberry (in juice or pill form) should help prevent recurrence during your pregnancy (or at any other time) and drink LOTS of water during the day to flush out any bacteria.

You're right about the antibiotics, they can cause worse problems like thrush which then needs to be treated as well.

Good on ya for being "a good host" to bubs ;)

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i understand antibiotics for a preggers lady, but i've also seen preggers people NOT be allowed to take them! interesting contradiction! one of my coworkers at one of my last jobs wasn't allowed to even take antibiotics when she had bronchitus (sp). they told her that her body would fight it, and it actually did, she got better thanks to rest and probably some probiotics, i never asked.

i've also fought UTIs with probiotics. never terrible UTIs, i take whatever the doc gives me for those because they're so painful, but lesser ones, sure.

i also believe that traditional meds are overprescribed and that they won't work anymore if we abuse them, so we should rely more on what natural remedies we have, as well as rest. rest cannot be overrated. rest can help our bodies fight anything. there are for sure places where we must have antibiotics, but sometimes we should let our bodies do their own thing.

yes, being a good host is important! it is a good thing to listen to your doc and follow that advice. take those meds and don't feel bad about it. you have to be good to yourself to be good to your baby.

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maybe be careful with cranberry juice look on the ingredients section if it has high fructose corn syrup it may slow down your healing for some weird reason the sugar feeds the infection or something like that. make sure it has as little sugar as possible then things go faster in clearing it up. I know it's weird but it worked with me after my doctor told me to cut out the sweets and especially corn syrup based stuff. BUT ymmv. Any kind of the juice may work just fine with you.


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