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help ! is my nurse practitioner an idiot or did i just eat some bad indian food

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for the past couple months i have been on wellbutrin. i was on 400mg wellbutrin SR, 200 twice a day. at first it worked, then my anxiety got really bad and i started to have a very negative outlook and was unable to concentrate at work (i have major depression co-morbid with ADD inattentive).

i dropped the wellbutrin down to one 200 SR a day until i saw my nurse last week and she put me on Strattera, 25mg a day. but she kept me on the 200mg wellbutrin SR and told me to keep taking both until i raise the strattera to 50mg a day after 2 weeks, and then i will drop the wellbutrin.

well, yesterday morning i woke up at 5:15am and could not go back to bed. additionally, i dry heaved a bunch of times shortly after taking my meds. but i realized this is probably because you're not supposed to take Strattera on an empty stomach..... and also my system was all messed up because i was super stoned all day on Sunday. (needless to say i think i've figured out that pot and Strattera don't go well together. at ALL.)

so anyway, no pot today, and after work i started to feel pretty good and picked up some Indian takeout. i didn't have a huge portion or anything, just a regular sized meal. when i went to bed at 11pm i was restless and kept waking up, until finally i got out of bed at 2:45am with a very upset stomach. and around 3:15am i finally puked out all of my dinner. poof, just like that.

i have heard you are not supposed to take wellbutrin and strattera at the same time, but my nurse said at the doses i was taking them it should be fine. does anyone have any experience with this, and does it sound like i just got some bad food or that my stomach is reacting badly to the meds?

for what it's worth, i was not hungry all day on monday and just ate a couple of edamame here and there.

oy. i hate the taste of vomit in the back of my throat.....

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Hard to say. It really could be either. Id go for the combo effect - strattera on an empty stomach, mixing it with pot & a bad curry as the likely cause.

You could experiment with this by using one of the causes as a control, but I would recommend against it ;)

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