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what i see is problem in politics

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(Politics Below)

hello! my biggest problem is that i have a very hard time verbalizing what is in my head. writing it down is easier. i really have a lot of problems with a lot of people doing the wrong things. hurting one another as well as themselves.

i also can be misunderstood because i don't always know the correct phrasing about what i think.

all i know, is that i feel that things can be different. what i am going to try and do is see if i can get my point across in a way that i can get the responses that reflect what i am trying to communicate about, good and bad. does that make sense?


i think there are big problems in government. it has become an establishment riddled with over-spending, corruption and lies. i don't discount that there are good things as well. i just hear so much about the bad stuff that i don't feel it is unusual to come to these conclusions. i think things can be done a little more stream-lined. i really would like to know how many others feel the same way.

ok, so, is there like a list of all the things that politicians actually accomplish in office versus what they say they would do during an election?(state or national?) what do they accomplish in these offices? are they making changes? has anything really gotten any better? i admit, i am clueless, so please tell me!

and, why not give the politicians prepaid credit cards with the yearly budget of what they are allowed to spend on it and then tell them once its gone, oh well. (or quarterly. whatever) if we even go over our credit limit, the credit card companies get swat teams waiting to break down our door.

tell me also about these bills that are for (a), but with conditions. like c, t, g & z have to be with (a) but really has nothing to do with (a); therefore, misc spending happens and (a) doesn't even get fixed? mmm...like....mmm...say a road needs more money, ok ask for the money. then, what a minute, i am going to stick this bill in there that gives me money to build an amusement park. can't ok one really important need without okaying the bullshit. see, i know there is a better way to state what i am trying to say, but i get the guist.

do they really know what they are voting on? all that paper! 1000's of pages! there should be a fill-in-the blank, no longer than 10? pages.

what also makes me suspicious, is changing from democrat to republican and vice versus.

ok. hope you got it. tell me what the hell is going on?


if you can think of anything else, let me know! i really don't know about the good stuff, i know its in there somewhere. you just never hear about it.

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