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The Buileing Repair Guy Sucks!


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this guy sucks because he's stupid. i have steam radiators in my apartment. they are controlled by him in his apartment, not by me, which sucks anyway.

so, anyway,

the radiator in my room is totally cold. it was last year too, but i put up with it because my old landlord was letting me slide on my rent because i was sick (my bp). now, i'm up on my rent, and want it FIXED!

i knocked on his door and made him come over. he played with the radiator and took it off the pipe, and decided it wasn't the radiator, but was terribly confused about what it could be...hmmm RUST IN THE PIPE?

it has to be in the pipe itself.

i finally convinced him that it has to be the pipe.

it is already 3 and he is supposed to be here now. if he's not here in 15 minutes, i'm going to track him down. he's going to fix my damn radiator! i'm not going to freeze to death another year!

he sucks for not knowing more about radiators and for not fixing it yesterday when he was over. any normal building guy would have fixed it right away. instead he made an appointment with me for today and is late.


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this radiator is cold when all the others are piping hot. this really makes me mad because my room gets down to about 50 degrees! i sleep with 4 blankets!

he finally came, 1 1/2 hours late, and snaked the pipe. he didn't find anything there, but he didn't go under my apartment either, just a bit down the pipe. he didn't find anything there. of course, he is too lazy to get in the crawl space under my apartment to see what the problem is. hell, give me a pipe wrench and flashlight and i'll do it myself!

so anyway, i'm going to prove to them that i may be crazy, but i'm not crazy concerning the heat (or lack of) in my room. i'm now keeping a log of the time of day and the temp reading i'm getting, right next to the radiator (so not where my bed is), so i have solid proof that there is a heating issue.

this happened last winter, and i put up with huge electric bills because i was afraid to confront the landlord, due to unpaid rent. now my rent is paid and i want my heat fixed! and he's going to fix it or i'm telling the city, this is insane in a bad way!

he sucks because he's just so lazy, i can't believe it. i've told him a hundred times that the radiator doesn't work, but he does a little of this and a little of that, and claims the radiator should be fine, adn it isn't. screw that. now i'm getting serious about the radiator! he sucks!

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