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my name is sputnick, and i'm...

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hi! is this the place where i introduce myself? like in the AA meetings? not that i've been to one - one beer knocks me out so i couldn't be an alcoholic even if i wanted to.

actually i've always thought it was kinda cool to be battling with the bottle, like all those dour, silent characters one comes across in novels and films. you have the talent and the inborn genius but you've thrown it all away and it's such a waste. you're constantly knocking back hard liquor, neat, and grimacing. you're rude to people who try to be nice to you. of course, it turns out, you are drinking because of some deep tragic loss in the past, and the pathos of the whole story is just overwhelming, because it was caused by intense unimaginable passionate love, and overwhelming grief, etc. etc. etc. sweet.

now, i've had my share of losses and i really wouldn't mind playing my role in society as the hard drinking alcoholic, but the problem is that when i have as much as a few sips of any alcoholic drink - this includes shandy with lots of ice - i get all jolly and talkative and horny and there goes my chance of being tough and tragic and masculine and all that.

anyway, i'm sputnick. i have a very very very very very very very slight mental problem which ideally i would have a psychiatrist figure out, but being in a place where psychiatrists are far and few between, plus in a fairly delicate financial situation, i'll post at this forum and see if anyone can figure out what to do about it.

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Hi Sputnik, welcome!

Feel free to post. Pm any of the mods if you need help.

Dour, romantic, battling drunk. Heh. Couple of splitting hangovers followed by missing work and you'll see how romantic it is.

I moved this post to the Introductions forum.



p.s. How 'bout you being the dour, romantic member battling to figure out where to post correctly?

Juuust kidding. ;)

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