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My big cheese psychiatrist wants to try and wean me off of the Clonazapam, and is having me try Gabapentin 600mg 4 times a day. Does any one else here take the stuff? I feel really surreal and sort of giggly and high. The PI sheet mentions tiredness and dizziness and other things, but not high as a kite.

Just curious.

should I talk to the pdoc or just see if the strangeness goes away?

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No need to call PDOC give it a few days...to weeks...I still get high when I bump mine up...like one night I wanted to start singing and marching in the bedroom...my bf would have killed me....I was giggly too..it passes....Its a good med imo ...Being youre new to it.....well it takes a while..I get horney and eat a lot when I bump it up too...and when I first started it...you will level out

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yeah last night it was like I swilled a bottle of champagne. I was tipsy, giggly and hyper..and then I passed out. This morning I'm shaking like a leaf and sweating. Weird

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Panz, I wrote about this med on my thread.

I really could not take it, I just got to worried, husband noticed too.

Felt I was acting as I do in beginning of Manic.

I was given it by neurologist on Wednesday, for damage I caused to nerves in the head from bad fall I took. And other complications just 6 months earlier due to head trauma.

It just felt like to much risk for me.

And behaviors that manic can lead to.

That I was one that was just way to sensitive, each chemistry is different, but to be that sensitive, is more not than is to that med for it is the mildest of that group, so I was told.

But when saw by neurologist on Monday AM, she was not wanting to keep me on either.

So, maybe a visit to doctor to have them see how you are, could put you at peace?

I hope you feel better, and do adjust as the others here did.

It ended up having the neurologist up my Topomax for the pain I am having, which I was already taking at a moderate dose for my mood stabilzation.

It seems to be already helping with both.

I am scheduled next week for nerve block injections to the site.

So far Topomax seems to be the only med I can take w/o fear of going in manic, or severe allergies, not side effects, but allergies.

Take Care.

Luv, Aly

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Panz, I just read in your signature that you have alcohol dependency.

OK, where I am going with this, is when I was on that med, feeling all manic high, I felt like going out and drinking.

That is a manic behavior of mine, to go do things in excess, such as shopping, drinking, etc...

I was wound up, no I did not want to sleep or stay at home.

And yes the sheet said will make tire, and even help with alcohol, and cocaine etc. dependency.

Well not for people that will trigger so easily.

So, please be careful, I know my husband was watching me with doors on alarms all set, windows too, and he did not sleep!

I am telling you this honest to God.

Manic is not a fun giddy for me, it is very life altering change, and dangerous.

I get very angry when I know what is happening, and I call doctors, specialists, and they tell me to give it days, weeks.

Just like a Mom knows her babies body, I so know my manic coming on now, but once it is fully here, it is too late.

And yeah she(neurologist) saw the change from me on Wednesday in her office then on Monday.

It is just such BS that they have to see it to believe it.

And we have to go through a very long weekend like that.

Well soon, I should have almost every med marked down as doing such.


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Aly, thanks for the info. My biggest worry since I live miles from town, is that I have some kind of heavy duty Dissociative and alter personality states and I don't have a clue what they will do if I phase out and leave the body for them. I am highly labile and either spend money like mad, drink or self harm in other ways...so it has me worried. I was born positive for amphetamines and am easily tripped to the hyper-manic side of things. So I'm kind of jittering in place as I type and wait for a call back from my tdoc or the pdoc that put me on it in the first place...took some clonazepam to try and slow my roll. But WOW! weird stuff in my head with this med.

So far I'm manic, hyper and tiggering all over the place...which is more interesting that having endless anxiety and panic attacks, but.....

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Panz, you sound very much like med is a no for you as it was for me.

I know I am not a doctor, so please no one chew my head off.

I had to do same thing finally to calm myself down and not go off and do harm.

I took Klonopin also.

You can't be taking a med that causes you to take more of another to sedate the effects of it.

That only makes common sense.

If doctor does not call you back, as of right now.

Give message to receptionist to take back to doctor, exactly how you are feeling, what you wrote, and how you had to handle it, by taking the klonopin, so nothing would happen.

So you would feel safe.

We do know our bodies Panz.

How many times have we felt such.

We know what is right and what is wrong for our bodies.

Be strong and take care of yours.

I know it seems like such a long path and at times so many are fighting us.

We have to stand strong, to get the care, meds we need, no one else will.

I want to get better, not win Miss Congeniality with the Doctors.

Hell I lost that years ago!

Luv, Aly

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