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I have wanted to update my thread about topamax and weight loss but things are quite different here at this new board.

it took me a while at first to even find my way here to this "sub-forum". i finally found it. i didnt come back for a while cause there wasnt much here that was new... when i came back i had forgotten how to get to the darn sub-forum so it took a while again...

why is this forum hidden? i know now that there is some indication that there are 2 subforums but its not exactly easy to see and find that information.

looking at the number of posts its obvious that this sub-forum doesnt get much traffic at all - even less than at the old boards where it wasnt hidden away.

then i noticed that i could see the posts of the two people i had put on ignore. the ignore function is great if you get anxiety attacks from people criticising your posts.

it was great at the old board i just put them on ignore and the only time i had to see their posts was when somebody quoted them which was usually fine.

i tried to put them back on ignore but it didnt work and i saw that the ignore doesnt work on some people.

why did this change?

here i will have to see their posts and know that anything i post will be subject to an attack such that the only way i can ignore it is by not coming here. they post a lot too. they must spend hours and hours here every day.

anyway i wanted to say i enjoyed the old weighty forum and i think of you people often. if this post doesnt get attacked/moved/deleted i might say what happened since i lost 70 pounds in a few months on topamax.

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