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Sometimes(it's happening more frequently, it seems) when i'm trying to fall asleep, or sometimes during sleep(and it wakes me up) i'll get a picture in my head, like for instance, last night, I was laying there, eyes closed, just trying to clear my head, when this picture of me walking down a flight of cement steps, outside, pops into my head. I can only really see from my knee down, very clearly, but the rest of me is there, I assume. I hope. I'm on about the second step from the bottom, when my left leg gives out, and I don't know if I fall or what, because I never finished the scene, and then my leg jerked to the side. Like, an involuntary spasm or movement, or whatnot. Not long ago, I had this dream that I was outside, just a little ways downtown from where I live, I was walking on the road, and there were no cars. Everyone was walking, but there were only about, oh I don't know... 15 or so people? Anyways, all of a sudden, from behind me, just a few yards away, something explodes. I don't know if it was a car, or a person, or the just road, or whatever, but I go blasting into the air, and as I start to fall, in the dream I get this pulling feeling down at the pit of my stomach. Anyone ever experience that, like if your on a rollar coaster or something like that, like you just want it to end? I can seriously FEEl it, and just before I hit the ground, i'm jerked awake, and I find myself sitting up. But most often it happens just before I go to sleep, or am trying to get to sleep. I'll get sudden scenes in my head from out of nowhere, and my leg, or arm, or sometimes my whole body will violently jerk. Once, I saw myself being shocked, from whatever source, I can't remember, but I know that I was electricuted by something, and my entire body like, seriously lifted from my bed. As if I were being defibrilated(I don't know how to spell the damn word. When they shock a patient at the hospital, to jumpstart there heart, and there body like jerks off of the table and back down again?). Yeah, it was pretty messed.

I've asked a couple of my friends if they've ever experienced anything like this, but none of them have. Just subtley, you know? I don't tell them everything I wrote above, just little things, and they all tell me i'm imaginig things. But i'm not! They say they've never heard of anything like that happening, but I mean, I can't be the only one right? Seriously.

Does anything I just wrote make sense to anyone? I tend to ramble, so sorry that it's so long. Anyone know what i'm talking about? I didn't know where else to put this. None of the other catagories fit I don't think. Eh... maybe it IS all in my head.


It's not.

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I just answered a question like this yesterday. I'll try to give you a link.

In short, what you experienced is a hypnogogic hallucination, a result of the brain dreaming, while still partially awake, and the brain hasn't quite shut off it's control of the body.

I'll reiterate, What you experienced is perfectly normal. It is the merely the freewheeling of the concious just before falling fully asleep. Don't try to read much into the dream, it's just your mind wandering.

It is nothing to be afraid of. You are not going to be hurt.


[edit] Here is an article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnagogia

I can't find the post from yesterday, it must be buried in some odd forum.

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AM beat me to it, but it sounds like a hypnogogic hallucination. I get those...usually if I am really really literally haven't slept in 4 days tired...sometimes I get them from a increase in benzo dosage...sometimes I get them for no reason at all.

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